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SF’s Guamanian Superstar, Prubechu, to Replace Michelin-Starred Mission Restaurant

Daniel Patterson has closed Aster has closed following the departure of chef Brett Cooper

The exterior of Aster

Following the departure of its executive chef and partner, Brett Cooper, chef/restaurateur Daniel Patterson has decided to close Michelin-starred Aster in the Mission. Aster closed after Cooper’s last service on March 30 after four years in business; Cooper and his family will relocate to Los Angeles.

It’s not much of a surprise that Patterson would choose to close Aster, whose menu and success were driven personally by Cooper. But now, in what has become a pattern for Patterson’s Alta Restaurant Group, he’ll transition the space at 1001 Guerrero Street to a minority-owned restaurant in need of a brick-and-mortar: Aster will become Prubechu, the Guamanian restaurant displaced by a rent hike, as early as May.

Since it closed last fall, Prubechu owners Shawn Naputi and Shawn Camacho have been serving their food at pop-up dinners, including an upcoming LA dinner collaboration with former Almanac Beer founder Jesse Friedman. And while details are scarce on what iteration of Prubechu will open in the space, there’s no doubt that chef Naputi’s menu of Spanish, Japanese, and Filipino flavors that make up Chamorro cuisine will be the star.

Prubechu follows in the footsteps of fellow Alta Group restaurants, including Kaya with chef Nigel Jones, Besharam with chef Heena Patel, and Dyafa with chef Reem Assil.


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