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Hot Divisadero Wine and Beer Bar Adding Retail Bottle Shop

Fool’s Errand hopes to continue its success with a new component

Fool’s Errand

After almost a year in business, it’s safe to say that Fool’s Errand, John Dampeer’s trendy beer and wine bar, is a hit. It’s a“night and day” improvement from his past efforts on 24th Street in Noe Valley, where Dampeer ran erstwhile Hamlet and Caskhouse. And now that natural wine drinkers and beer nerds are seeking him out, Dampeer is stocking up a retail component of Fool’s Errand, which he’ll open in the coming months.

At 639 A Divisadero, Fool’s Errand dips down into the garage level space of an old Victorian. Previously, the space was home to long-running cafe and shop Mojo Bicycle Cafe, which improbably packed a bike repair and supply shop behind the main seating area.

Now that area will become Dampeer’s retail shop: Expect about 160 bottles, including lots of Dampeer’s favorite offering: Riesling, which enjoys four or five slots on the Fool’s Errand by-the-glass list at any given time.

“I’d rather keep it small, and just go through stuff,” Dampeer says of the list. He’ll also install refrigeration for cans of beer.

Permitting for retail has been approved, and now Dampeer will build out space out somewhat, adding a table for lounging “on those busier nights” when the front of the bar is full.

“It’s gonna be kinda fun, and extend the space,” he says.