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Hinodeya Ramen Sneakily Opens Second Location in SoMa

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It’s in the bottom of 303 2nd St.

Courtesy of Hinodeya Ramen

Without fanfare, Hinodeya Ramen Bar has opened a second location of its dashi-focused ramen restaurant. It’s the Japanese chain’s first foray beyond Japantown, where it opened in 2016; it’s managed to open ahead of a planned second location that’s been under construction at 668 Clay St. since February. (That location is still in the works; a liquor license is pending.)

Though there’ve been no changes to the restaurant group’s website (nor a Yelp page) Hinodeya confirms that the restaurant on the Folsom side of 303 2nd St. is now open. It’s operating in the former location of Sue’s Kitchen for lunch from 11:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m., serving bowls of ramen alongside a menu of smaller plates and appetizers like gyoza, fried oysters, and kara-age, and rice bowls.

Hinodeya’s new location in the former Sue’s Kitchen space
Google Maps

The chain, which began over 100 years ago North of Tokyo, differentiates itself with a focus on dashi, a fish stock that uses dried fish and seaweed to impart a bold umami flavor, and whole grain noodles made in-house. The house ramen ($14) features whole wheat noodles in a dashi of bonito, scallops and kombu, topped with chashu, menma, soft cooked egg, seaweed, green onion, mizuna, sesame seeds, and red pepper. Vegans and vegetarians are in luck here, too, as there are two types of ramen sans meat of any kind, “inspired by traditional Japanese shoujin temple techniques.” There’s also a limited amount of tori paitan, a ramen with creamy chicken and pork broth, available each day.

There’s no liquor license on file (nor was there one for the space’s previous tenant Sue’s Kitchen, a deco sushi bar), so don’t expect the same list of beer, wine, and sake found at its Japantown location. Stay tuned for more details on the progress of the group’s third SF location.