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SF Native Danny Glover Visited Lucca Ravioli to Say Goodbye

And he wore a Lucca t-shirt, too

Caleb Pershan

It felt like everybody and their brother came out today to say goodbye to Lucca Ravioli Company, the Mission’s landmark Italian food purveyor, which closed after more than 90 years in business at 2 p.m. this afternoon. Among the crowd seeking a last tray of ravioli or bottle of discounted Fernet: Actor Danny Glover, spotted by Maureen Kelly of KRON 4 News.

The native San Franciscan was apparently sentimental about Lucca’s closure — so much so that he wore his own Lucca Ravioli shirt as he posed for a photo with Kelly for a photo.

Lucca’s closure comes as its owner, Michael Feno, enters retirement without a successor to take over his family business. He sold the building in which Lucca has operated since 1925 to developers. News of the closure brought on a flood of remembrances and nostalgia from longtime patrons — but not from Feno and staff, who have been too busy and tight-lipped to do much but keep up with a surge in demand.

If Glover — or anyone else — did happen to grab a last sheet of Lucca’s ravioli today, they were in for a special surprise. Boxes were specially printed to read:

“Jan. 15, 1925 - April 30, 2019
Our deepest appreciation to all the customers that walked thru our door and allowed us to be of service to them.”

Lucca Ravioli Company

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