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Museum of Ice Cream Opens SF Cafe, Plans Bar for Boozy Sweets

1905C is scooping now, and Dive-In is around the corner

Anna-Alexia Basile

The Museum of Ice Cream, originally billed as a temporary curiosity in San Francisco with a limited run, continues to settle down for the long haul, opening a cafe serving the company’s own ice cream plus coffee and snacks. Called 1905C, the cafe is located at 1 Grant Avenue on the ground floor of the historic bank building occupied by the “museum.” 1905C opens today, and a bar serving beer and wine called Dive-In is also on the way.

The Museum of Ice Cream arrived in SF in 2017 after stints in New York and LA, bringing a technicolor set of Instagram-ready installations to the Union Square area space, like a pool filled with plastic sprinkles. According to the business, 600,000 people have visited the San Francisco location since then. And in fall 2018, the team announced it was staying for good, declaring the installation permanent.

The new cafe 1905C doesn’t require a $38 ticket like the rest of the Museum of Ice Cream. But it’s also much smaller, occupying about 1,200 square feet on the ground floor, with seating for 50. Deuki Hong of Sunday Bird and the Asian Art Museum collaborated on the menu, according to the Chronicle, which includes sweet fried dough, bubble tea, and french fries. And of course there’s ice cream, made for the Museum of Ice Cream specifically in rotating flavors.

Next up is Dive-In: The team says it’s built the bar space in its mezzanine area already, overlooking the sprinkle pool, and has applied for its license to serve beer and wine. They’re also teasing“wine and beer cocktails combined with the sweetest toppings and one-of-a-kind flavor profiles,” so save room for dessert, and stay tuned.

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