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Another High-End Sushi Spot Opens Downtown to Feeds SF’s Omakase Craze

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After a sushi shuffle, Sushi Nagai is open in the Hotel Abri

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San Francisco, whose wealth and good taste have made it an omakase sushi promised land, has lured another talent to town: Chef Tomonori Nagai, whose new tasting menu restaurant, Sushi Nagai, is now open. The restaurant is located at 125 Ellis Street inside the Hotel Abri at the edge of Union Square and the Tenderloin in what was once an outpost of Cold Stone Creamery. Progress, people.

Nagai and his eponymous restaurant arrive with a $180 menu to start, according to a press release. That’s for 15 pieces of sushi, mostly sourced from Japan’s famous Toyosu Fish Market, and served in the Edomae style (early, traditional sushi preparations developed in Tokyo). Nagai’s experience includes time at Morimoto, Hawaii and work at Shinji by Kanasaka, a Michelin starred sushi spot in Singapore.

Price-conscious customers — if there were such a thing in this regard — take note: After a grand opening on June 4, prices at Sushi Nagai will rise to a high-flying $200 to $250 per meal.

What’s now Sushi Nagai, keen observers will recall, was previously slated to become another sushi restaurant — one from Singapore-based Japanese chef Kenjiro “Hatch” Hashida, It’s not clear what fell through there, but it gives chef Nagai a chance to shine. A sample of his menu is below, though offerings will change as often as twice a week. A short list of sake and wine is available as well.