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Owners of Popular Mission Taco Truck Rally Support After Losing Home

They don’t want charity — they just want to be “as busy as possible”

Caleb Pershan

The family behind one of San Francisco’s best-loved (and just plain best) taco trucks, El Gallo Giro, has endured a tragic fire and lost their home — but they don’t want a Gofundme page or even time off. Instead, they write, they’d like to serve customers and be “as busy as we can.”

Elena Caballero and Jose Perez opened El Gallo Giro in 2002, parking at 23rd and Treat and serving some of the crispiest, tastiest carnitas available. Their two daughters, Stephanie and Nicky, now run El Gallo Giro with their parents. They’ve been somewhat press shy in the past, preferring to serve food and greet regulars than promote their business. Now, they write on Instagram, it’s all hands on deck:

“This past weekend our family was hit with a tragedy. Our family home was burned and completely ruined. Many would take some time off to get situated we’re trying to avoid this at all costs. We want to be here serving you guys and trying to sell as much food as we have. To anyone asking if there’s anything we need all we only ask for you guys to come eat at our taco truck! Bring by someone new, try something new from our menu, or just come eat if you haven’t been here in a while. Anything that will get you guys here. WE WANNA BE AS BUSY AS WE CAN BE SERVING YOU GUYS YOUR FAVORITES. If there’s any change to our schedule we will let you guys know till then thank you so much for your support and outpouring love during these trying times.

El Gallo Giro’s normal schedule is Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

According to the Chronicle, the family had insurance, and is living temporarily in a hotel. Eater SF has reached out to the Perez-Caballero family for comment, and will update this post as warranted.

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