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Marina Sports Bar the Brick Yard Will Close, Citing Lost Giants and 49ers Revenue

Among other factors, including high rent and labor costs

The San Francisco Giants and 49ers, once reliable sources of game-day revenue for local sports bars, are no longer such consistent winners, and that’s one factor in the decline of dependable Marina sports bar the Brick Yard. The bar and grill at 1787 Union Street opened in 2010, coinciding with the first in a recent series of three World Series Championship years for the Giants. Now it prepares to close sometime this month with the team in last place.

Brick Yard partner Ryan Wager cites a combination of other factors, too: High rent, high food and beverage costs, and increased labor costs due to higher minimum wage and benefits increases for staff. A final and unique problem for the Brick Yard: A midnight last call (rather than 2 a.m.) caused by neighbor complaints to the city during the tenancy of a previous bar.

“It basically became impossible to profit from doing business any longer,” says Wager, “and in fact, over the past few years, we incurred over $500,000 in losses trying to get the formula dialed in while costs continued to spiral upwards and revenue downwards.”

The well-liked Brick Yard was popular in particular for its above-average bar food, comfortable leather seating, and pleasant skylights, factors that put it on Eater SF’s list of the best places to catch a game in the city.“It’s been a great ride for the past 9 years and it pains us to have to go another way,” representatives for the bar wrote to fans on their Facebook page.

The losing streak for the Giants is also a major problem at the newly renamed Oracle Park. Attendance there has taken a beating along with the team: The park is experiencing the largest dip in attendees per game of any team in the league according to Major League Baseball statistics.

But for sports bars like the Brick Yard, there’s one last hope: The Golden State Warriors, whose star has risen as the Giants and the 49ers have fallen out of favor. In fact, the Brick Yard will stay open for as long as the Warriors continue their playoff run.

No pressure, Steph.