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SF’s Legendary Bob’s Donuts Opening New Location in NoPa

More hot apple fritters are on their way to the Panhandle

Bob’s Donut & Pastry Shop Hillary Dixler Canavan

Happy “National Doughnut Day:” Bob’s Donuts and Pastries is opening in NoPa.

The 24-hour hero of Polk Street will expand for the first time to a new location at Baker and Fulton Streets, an employee confirms to Eater SF. That’s not far from the busy Divisadero business strip, where more and more restaurant, bar, and retail patrons might be tempted by a morning sweet or late-night dessert.

The new location, 601 Baker Street, is up to the task: It’s the former home of bakery Chili Pies Baking Co., whose own reign of pies and ice cream ended in 2018.

Eater SF

Today, the artificial food holiday National Doughnut Day has patrons lining up at Bob’s always-lit 1621 Polk Street storefront. But then again, when aren’t they? Fans typically seek favorites like a heavy duty apple fritter and classics like glazed and cake doughnuts. The bravest among them attempt the store’s fabled “big donut” challenge: Eat one gigantic doughnut in under two minutes, and it’s free, plus they’ll throw in a T-Shirt. Medical bills not included.

Bob’s was founded in the ’60s, but purchased and perfected in the ‘70s by Elinor Ahn. The business sets itself apart in sometimes sleepy San Francisco for its 24-hour service — call in for their fry schedule to know what’s freshest.

The question on everyone’s minds: Will Bob’s new Baker Street location keep that 24-hour schedule? They’re not sure yet, an employee says.

Bob's Donuts and Pastries

1621 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA

Bob's on Baker

601 Baker Street, SF, CA

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