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Chef Daniel Patterson Returning to Kitchen at Flagship Coi

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As Erik Anderson departs the position


San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson is taking back the reigns at Coi, the two Michelin star restaurant he opened and ran since 2006, but departed in 2016 as he expanded his operations to run other restaurants. Executive chef Erik Anderson (Nashville’s Catbird Seat), who took over in fall 2017, is leaving the position, Patterson says on Instagram.

“I’m excited about getting back in the kitchen and this next chapter at Coi,” Patterson added via email. “[I’m] very grateful to Erik for his time at Coi.” Anderson is pursuing a new opportunity outside San Francisco, says Patterson.

In 2016, Patterson passed the Coi baton to chef Matthew Kirkley (L20) who earned the restaurant’s third Michelin star before departing for the prestigious Bocuse d’Or culinary competition. The restaurant has since returned to two-star status.

In the meantime, Patterson’s attention has shifted to projects with the Alta Restaurant Group. But now, several of those have dissolved or are in flux: Chef Brett Cooper has left Aster, which is now vacant, Reem Assil has left Dyafa, and Kaya, with chef Nigel Jones, has closed as the partners split.