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Mission Noodle Counter Yamo Closed for Remodel

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The cheap eats staple is temporarily out of commission

Noodles at Yamo Caleb Pershan

Longtime customers might be surprised to hear the words “remodel” and “Yamo” used in the same sentence, but here goes: The 12-person counter at Mission District Burmese restaurant Yamo is currently closed while its space at 3406 18th St receives a remodel. It’s the kind of treatment fans would agree that Yamo has long needed, but not the kind of thing they’d ever really expect to see.

Hoodline spotted Yamo’s temporary closure, writing that the 2005-opened business has been shut for the past couple of weeks while it’s painted and spruced up. To put it gently, Yamo isn’t known for its looks: The atmosphere is downright dingy, though that often casts in relief the high quality of its astonishingly inexpensive ($6.50) and satisfying garlic noodles and other dishes.

When will those noodles return? And will the restaurant’s new coat of paint cut into their cost? Stay tuned to find out.

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