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New SF Grocery Store Is Devoted to Veggie-Based Imitation Meat

And Bernie Sanders lost at least one vote at John’s Grill

A plate with imitation chicken meat
Vegan karaage chicken at Vegefarm

Vegefarm opens in the Outer Sunset

Amid a surge in popularity for plant-based imitation meats from the likes of Impossible Foods, a new grocery store has entered the fray at 2024 Irving Street, serving freezers full of vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes. It’s actually an outpost of a Taiwanese chain called Vegefarm, which has 25 locations (but just one other spot in the US). Popular products include veggie “chicken” nuggets, plum “mimic pork belly”, and plant-based imitation ham.

Soleil Ho eats at Popeye’s

Everyone in food media appears contractually obligated to weigh in on the great Popeye’s chicken sandwich of 2019, and Chronicle critic Soleil ho has done so, too, but with a useful eye toward the bigger picture. The sandwich, she writes, is “delicious” for what it is: “a cheap product where the true cost is carried by marginalized people and animals besides the consumer.” While the focus is on the fast food item itself and the social media sensation surrounding it, it’s also worth considering the underpaid fast food workers struggling to meet demand, the kids separated from their parents by ICE at a Mississippi poultry plant, and “the life of the factory-farmed chicken that will eventually become a well-seasoned, fried mass at a place like Popeyes. The reality is likely worse than whatever you’ve imagined.”

Haight Street McDonald’s saga drags on

The city-owned location of the old Haight Street McDonald’s is still tied up in red tape, the Chronicle reports. When SF purchased and closed the McDonald’s and its parking lot — known as a nexus of crime at the edge of Golden Gate Park — with eventual housing plans, an interim use proposal included soccer fields and food trucks. But now, based on city budget cuts, the temporary use is just a parking lot, and neighbors worry it’s an eyesore they’ll live with for years.

Old Skool kicks it, raises $300k

Community-focused restaurant Old Skool Cafe, which provides restaurant training and performance space to kids in the Bayview, just raised $300,000 at their big benefit gala at the at Bayview Opera House. It’s a big win for the supper club, helping it keep mentoring kids in the area for some time to come.

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