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Bernie Sanders Poses in Solidarity With Anchor Brewing Union Workers

Also, the story of a queer Indian American ice cream company

Presidential Candidates Attend Democratic National Committee Summer Meeting Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A candidate you can get a (unionized) beer with

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders may not have endeared himself to the owner of John’s Grill (who called the senator from Vermont “rude” at the restaurant) but he did win over another constituency (who, like John’s owner, had probably already made up their mind one way or another about Sanders). Unionizing Anchor Brewing workers saw Sanders present his platform at SVN West on Van Ness Ave, and say they were impressed with his speech and his attentiveness to their cause in a conversation afterwards. They posed for a photo below.

Koolfi Creamery scooping ice cream with Indian influences

The East Bay Express has the story of Priti Narayanan and Madhuri “Mads” Anji, the queer, married couple behind a growing ice cream business popping up at various Bay Area events. Koolfi Creamery serves ice cream made with organic eggs and Strauss Family dairy in flavors like jackfruit pudding (with coconut and jaggery) and salted caramel with Mysore pak, a ghee and chickpea flour dessert. Over the last year-and-a-half, they’ve been at corporate pride events for Pixar and Airbnb, and can be found popping up on Fridays and Saturdays in Sunnyvale, and Sundays in San Leandro at Zocalo Coffee.

A changing of the guard at Alexander’s Steakhouse

Bay Area Japanese beef spot Alexander’s Steakhouse is announcing a new executive chef for their San Francisco location. He’s Eric Upper, and before this post, he worked at three-Michelin-star Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas, and Charlie Parker’s Michelin-starred Aureole in NY. Also new at Alexander’s: A new general manager, Nicholas DeLuca, and a new line of Japanese wagyu beef, Hitachiwagyu, which the restaurant says isn’t available elsewhere in the US.

Man vs. Fries

There’s a new tenant for the Fruitvale space previously occupied by popular Vietnamese restaurant the Temple Club (which closed, with possible plans to relocate, in April according to Tablehopper). It’s called Town Popup, and it’s actually going to be a collection of five tenants in one: A series of rotating pop-ups run by William Bonhorst and Silvano Hernandez, owners of Cinco TacoBar in San Leandro and Livermore. One of those pop-ups, so far, is called Man vs. Fries, and it’s got a variety of fries, fried Oreos, and dishes with fries in them, like quesadillas stuffed with fries. Delivery — presumably to those with the munches — is available.


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The Temple Club

2307 International Boulevard, , CA 94601 (510) 479-3680 Visit Website