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Three-Michelin Star Chef Corey Lee Plans New SF Restaurant

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Potentially serving Korean barbecue in the Mission

Eric Wolfinger

Benu‘s James Beard award-winning chef Corey Lee has attached his name to a liquor license application for a business in the Mission — indicating plans for his long-discussed Korean place, according to the Chronicle’s Tara Duggan, who was first to report the news. Lee’s restaurant group has confirmed the move to Eater SF.

When Lee was busy preparing his Hayes Valley French bistro, Monsieur Benjamin (2014), he dropped hints about a Korean barbecue restaurant in the press. Lee was born in Seoul, and his three-Michelin starred flagship, Benu, shows Korean influences in some dishes. His most recent restaurant, In Situ at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, recreates dishes from famous restaurants across the world.

The location of the new restaurant is 2170 Bryant Street, the former home of Blowfish Sushi to Die For. Blowfish departed this spring after 20 years in business, as Eater SF reported. It’s a relatively quiet corner in the deep Mission, just off the strip of 20th Street known for spots like Flour & Water, Trick Dog, and Central Kitchen.

A beer and wine license at the space, as indicated on Lee’s application, is more good news for fans of Lee’s restaurants. This past year, Benu and the restaurant’s master sommelier, Yoon Ha, took home the James Beard award for outstanding wine program. The business name on the liquor license application is San Ho Won, LLC, but Lee didn’t indicate to the Chronicle if that would be the restaurant’s final name. Keep an eye out for further details as the project moves along.