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The Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings in SF, Fall 2019

From Michelin-starred ramen to ambitious barbecue and vegan fare

Opening a restaurant in the Bay Area has never been so daunting: Costs and competition are high, labor is short, and permitting and construction are fraught with delays. But gazing into the crystal ball of San Francisco restaurant openings isn’t totally bleak: In fact, it’s somewhat encouraging.

The months ahead will bring brave newcomers, like first-time owners creating a woman-centric space in Oakland, a cult-favorite barbecue pop-up going permanent, and big-name restaurant groups expanding their reach. Here are 15 anticipated openings to watch closely.

Still on the horizon, but not listed here, are a few long-tracked but much-delayed anticipated openings: Hina Yakitori (a yakitori tasting menu from a Michelin-starred team) Routier (a full-service spinoff from pastry powerhouse B. Patisserie), and Amara (a replacement for storied Morroccan restaurant Aziza from Mourad Lahlou). Those could be just around the corner.


Location: 2400 Folsom Street, Mission
Key Players: Tara Ghimire, Suraksha Basnet
Projected Opening: November

Just a year after opening her first restaurant, Valencia Street’s bustling Dancing Yak, young, Nepal-born restaurateur Suraksha Basnet is expanding with a new business in the Mission. Chef Tara Ghimire is a partner, and the focus is Himalayan tapas-style dining.

Julie Nguyen

Beit Rima Cole Valley

Location: 86 Carl Street, Cole Valley
Key Players: Samir Mogannam, Paul Mogannam
Projected Opening: Mid-September

Last year, Paul Mogannam handed the reigns of his long-running Church Street burger restaurant, Burgermeister, to his 29-year-old son, Samir. The young chef returned the favor with an ode to his parents’ Palestinian and Jordanian heritage, serving soulful muhummara, fattoush, and fresh, hand-kneaded bread to high praise. Beit Rima, named for Samir’s mother, has been such a success that a second location is now headed to the original Cole Valley Burgermeister location.

Dear Inga

Location: 3560 18th Street, Mission
Key Players: Ravi Kapur, Jeff Hanak David Golovin
Projected Opening: Late September

Chef David Golovin (Spruce, Rubicon, La Folie, and Nopa) will give Eastern European food a swanky new home in the former Farina space on 18th Street. Partners Ravi Kapur (Liholiho Yacht Club, Louie’s Gen Gen Room) and Jeff Hanak (Nopa, Liholiho Yacht Club, Louie’s Gen Gen Room) have travelled to Georgia for research, and they’ll bring lots of Georgian wines back with them. Seth Boor (Boor Projects) handled the redesign, emphasizing outdoor seating on a rooftop patio.

Family Cafe

Location: 362 Columbus Avenue, North Beach
Key Players: Ray Lee, Jessica Furui, Tadayuki Furui
Projected Opening: Late September

Partners Ray Lee, owner of Akiko’s, and Jessica Furui, the longtime sake director of Ozumo, are putting together a cozy neighborhood cafe serving tea and Japanese-inspired comfort food prepared by Soba Ichi chef Tadayuki Furui. For something sweet, Furui will be baking cakes, and while their liquor license fell through — no sake, sadly — Family Cafe could still get one down the line.

Blake Cole (left)- and Kimberly Roselle (right)
Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Location: 468 25th Street, Uptown Oakland
Key Players: Blake Cole, Kimberly Rosselle, Christa Chase
Projected Opening: Late November

A trio of industry pros — Cole of Hopscotch, Roselle of Trick Dog and Bon Voyage, and Chase the former executive chef of Tartine Manufactory — are convening in Oakland to create an inclusive, queer-friendly bar and kitchen. Visitors can expect “the kind of magical chaos you’d get for a friends and family soft opening,” Cole says — hence the name. “You’re in the know, you’re part of that special night. But we want to create that all the time.”

Horn Barbecue

Location: 2534 Mandela Parkway, West Oakland
Key Players: Matt Horn, Nina Horn
Projected Opening: Late fall

Hard-charging barbecue pop-up Horn has found a permanent home for pitmaster Matt Horn’s 500-gallon offset custom smoker, named Lucille, and his brisket, pulled pork, chicken, and hot links. At the former Brown Sugar Kitchen space, Horn Barbecue will also offer desserts like banana pudding from Nina Horn, Horn’s business partner and wife, and new sides to round out the menu.

Ittoryu Gozu

Location: 201 Spear St.
Key Players: Marc Zimmerman
Projected Opening: October

Arriving after some delays, this new restaurant from chef Marc Zimmerman, a former executive chef at Alexander’s Steakhouse, will be all about Japanese and domestic Wagyu beef. A full tasting menu will be available, billed as kappo-style — a progressive, interactive tasting-menu, like omakase sushi, but for Wagyu. A la carte options will be available, too.

The Lede

Location: 906 Washington Street, Oakland
Key Players: Cal Peternell, Kit Taylor
Projected Opening: Early fall

After 22 years leading Chez Panisse, chef Cal Peternell departed in 2017, working on a podcast and teaching cooking at San Quentin. Now he’s back cooking in the East bay with a a new restaurant that’s co-habitating with a co-working space and production studio StudioToBe (where Peternall records that podcast of his). The Lede will serve French, Italian, and Mediterranean-influenced California cuisine, serving everything from quick lunch to sit-down dinner. Partner Kit Taylor (Prizefighter) will provide the cocktails, beer, and wine.

Perry Lang’s

Location: 6481 Washington Street, Yountville
Key Players: Adam Perry Lang
Projected Opening: Late September/Early October

Famed barbecuer and meat-aging expert Adam Perry Lang expands from his eponymous LA restaurant to Yountville. In a space inside the Groezinger Estate House, an historic 1870s winery with a hotel, he’ll serve items like those that have won over crowds in Hollywood: A 150-day dry-aged burger, smoked short ribs, and massive tomahawk chops.

Señor Sisig

Location: 990 Valencia Street, Mission
Key Players: Evan Kidera, Gil Payumo
Projected Opening: Late-October/early November

One of SF’s most familiar and popular food trucks, Señor Sisig, is finally opening a brick-and-mortar home for its Filipino burritos and other fusion hits. Founded in 2010 in the midst of a food truck renaissance, Señor Sisig now has five trucks out on the road at any time — but they’ve never made the leap to a full-time spot until now.

Patricia Chang

Shake Shack

Location: 3060 Fillmore Street, Marina
Key Players: Danny Meyer, Mark Rosati
Projected Opening: Mid-fall

What does it say about San Francisco — or Shake Shack — that a long-awaited Marina location of the burger chain has so many locals absolutely quivering with anticipation? Regardless, Shake Shack’s first SF location is coming soon, with Shackburgers, concretes made with local ingredients, and crinkle cut fries.

Tartine Berkeley

Location: 2600 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
Key Players: Chad Roberston, Elisabeth Prueitt
Projected Opening: Mid-September

Tartine’s serious growth, once hard to imagine, continues apace with a fourth Bay Area location, its first foray into the East Bay. Berkeley’s Tartine, attached to the Graduate Hotel (previously known as the Hotel Durant), will serve pastries, bread, breakfast items like quiche, and salads and pressed sandwiches at lunch, a similar setup and menu to the 18th and Guerrero original.


Location: 242 Columbus Avenue, North Beach
Key Players: Nancy Oakes, Anna Weinberg, Ken Fulk
Projected Opening: Late Fall/Winter

Chef Nancy Oakes (Boulevard), Anna Weinberg (Marlowe et al.), and in-demand designer Ken Fulk (the Battery, Leo’s Oyster Bar) are doing Tosca, taking over the century-old watering hole from April Bloomfield. It’s good news for the SF institution, revived by Bloomfield and her disgraced partner Ken Friedman — but what exactly they’ll make of the opportunity remains to be seen.


Location: 155 4th Street, SoMa
Key Players: Yuki Onishi
Projected Opening: September

The world’s first Michelin starred ramen restaurant will expand to San Francisco’s Metreon, serving its signature dashi-shoyu broth ramen in a 2,4000 square-foot space. One deluxe-sounding choice is a shoyu option with black truffle sauce, and sides will include gyoza and karaage.

Vegan Mob

Vegan Mob

Location: 500 Lake Park Avenue, Oakland
Key Players: Toriano Gordon
Projected Opening: September

Vegan barbecue. It’s a thing, and chef Toriano Gordon, a native of SF’s Fillmore District, is doing it to praise at farmers markets across SF and the East Bay. His rich vegan gumbo and smoked non-meat brisket are hits. Next up: A permanent space at the old Merritt Bakery/Kwik Way Drive-In space.


Location: 2000 Union Street, Cow Hollow
Key Players: Adriano Paganini, Blair Warsham
Projected Opening: September

Adriano Paganini’s Back of the House Restaurant Group (Super Duper, A Mano, and others) will replace their Belgian brasserie with a “plant-based” restaurant, which is 2019 speak for “vegan.” It’s an interesting change of direction, and one to watch, with chef Blair Warsham (the Bird) onboard to lead the charge.

Disclosure: Carolyn Alburger, Cities Director for Eater, is married to chef Blair Warsham. She has recused herself from involvement in any coverage of Warsham’s projects.


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