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Former Sommelier, Now Homeless in Oakland, Profiled by NYT

Plus a DoorDash data breach and more

Number Of Homeless On San Francisco Streets Rises 17 Percent Over Last Two Years Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A homeless former sommelier talks to the Times

Mark-Steven Holys, once a sommelier at Bay Area restaurants, is now living in a homeless encampment in Oakland. The New York Times had his story this weekend, using it to convey the diversity of the Bay Area’s homeless population. Holys, who has struggled with addiction to crack cocaine and spent eight years in prison for theft, is now bound for temporary housing. “I’ve met a stockbroker and former athletes on the street,” Holys told the Times. “Once you’re deeply tattooed by this thing it’s very hard to get the ink out of your life.”

DoorDash data breach

SF-based delivery service DoorDash revealed last week that hackers had accessed data of about 4.9 million users, merchants, and delivery couriers. But it’s not clear what, if anything at all, was done with that data.

Castro restaurant closed in ABC sting won’t reopen

Church Street restaurant Cook Shoppe, which closed in August when owners were caught serving alcohol without a license, won’t reopen. It’s not a huge surprise, as the business appeared to totally unravel: One owner was wanted in NY and is now in jail, the other was using an alias and has left town. Hoodline followed up with more details on the bizarre saga, learning of unpaid workers and contractors, and discovering a past chapter in which the owner using an alias also stiffed workers in LA while using a different identity. Needless to say, they also aren’t opening another place they had planned for the neighborhood.

Popular Oakland donut shop is closing and moving

Eclectic Oakland donut shop Donut Savant is moving from its home at 1934 Broadway, permanently closing that location, which is slated for demolition and development after October 5. Leading up to the closure, “We’ll be serving up some of our most rare and dare we say, abstruse, varieties from the Donut Savant recipe vault,” proprietors write. And after that, they’ll reopen in East Oakland at an as-yet unrevealed location.