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Sylvester Stallone Introduced Al Pacino to Guy Fieri For Some Reason

Also: Burger Joint has closed after 25 years in the game

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Sylvester Stallone brokered a meeting between Al Pacino and Guy Fieri

In a low-fi video posted to his Twitter account, actor Sylvester Stallone introduced fellow actor Al Pacino to Santa Rosa-slash-Flavortown celebrity chef Guy Fieri. Calling it the “meeting of the masters,” Stallone hollers “Guy, look who it is!” as he walks into a Fieri-inhabited kitchen, and the group exchanges pretty banal pleasantries for the next 30 or so seconds. The video is likely about a month old, as a December Instagram post from Stallone’s brother Frank shows the same cast of characters (plus many more, including former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger) spending “a rainy day watching the fights.”

Tacos Club is reborn as Taco Boys

Tacos Club at (2312 Market Street) quitely shuttered last month, Hoodline reports, and now J.J. Fasail (who owns Koheba, a smoke shop located next door) and his brother J.B. will open a Mexican spot called Taco Boys in the spot. The twin siblings also own Oakland chain Taqueria Ole Ole, and say that their SF shop will be open from 11 a.m. to midnight every day.

SF Gate dubbed Yo Yo’s “the last good $7 lunch” in the Financial District

Since 1998, Lydia and Joe Lee have owned and operated Yo Yo’s, a counter-service Japanese spot at 318 Pacific Avenue. According to SF Gate, in that time, “they’ve only raised the prices by a few cents, not dollars,” and Joe says that their value proposition is one of the reasons the restaurant is a success (their $3.50 udon dish, for example, is made from high-quality Japanese ingredients). Lydia disagrees, saying “I don’t think that way, I think it’s because we’re friendly with people.”

Burger Joint’s Valencia Street location is closed for good

Burger Joint, a mini-chain that’s been in operation since 1994, has closed its last SF location. Its 25-year-old spot at 807 Valencia Street was “temporarily” closed last fall, but the closure has apparently been made permanent: Its website and a sign posted to its door reads “It is time to move on,” and urges fans to visit its last remaining outpost, a counter inside Terminal 2 at SFO.

The Clift hotel is plotting a new restaurant

Union Square’s Clift hotel (its full name is The Clift Royal Sonesta Hotel, but who has the time for all that?) closed last September for an extensive remodel, shuttering its historic Redwood Room restaurant in the process. Meetings And Conventions reports that the hotel reopened this week, with a “spruced up” Redwood Room (new furniture, new bar made from an 800-year-old tree) back in the game as well. It’s also planning to open an additional restaurant and cafe, with Luce vet Dan Corey at the helm. The new restaurant will be called Fredericks, and is set to open in April.

Redwood Room

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