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Chris Kronner and His All-World Burgers Have Departed Henry’s in Berkeley

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For now, the chef is keeping mum on his future plans

The cheeseburger from Kronner’s tenure at Henry’s
The cheeseburger from Kronner’s tenure at Henry’s
Albert Law

When Chris Kronner took over the kitchen at Henry’s at the Graduate Hotel (and former Hotel Durant) in 2018, it was widely hailed as a game-changer for the historic pub, which had previously been known as a place to catch the Cal game than for any particular culinary merit. But along came the Kronnerburger chef with his near-universally vaunted dry-aged burgers — served, in the chef’s typical style, very salty and very rare — and, beyond that, a menu of upscale, California-inflected dishes like halibut tartare and a take on Parisian gnocchi. It may not have been perfect, but it marked a bold, ambitious shift for the pub.

For a couple of months now, however, that experiment has ended. Kronner tells Eater SF that he left Henry’s sometime in November. “It was just time to say goodbye to Berkeley,” he says.

Henry’s has moved on as well, hiring chef Daniel Westfall and director of food and beverage Peter Houck to take over the restaurant late last year, as Berkeleyside Nosh noted this week when it reported Kronner’s departure. The new menu looks to be more in line with a more typical pub menu, with chicken wings, a non-Kronner burger, and a fairly substantial barbecue section in the mix. (Kronner says he overlapped with the new team, but that “what they’re doing right now has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I created.”)

As for Kronner’s own next steps? He mostly declined to say. “It might be a circus,” he joked. “It might be a restaurant.” The chef says he does have a few different projects that he’s working on, but nothing he’s ready to talk about — though he did not rule out the possibility of a new Bay Area spot at some point in the future.

For now, Kronner is mostly traveling and hosting Kronnerburger pop-ups — in Los Angeles, in Paris, and, back in November, a ticketed event with a DJ at Verjus. He says he’d like to do another pop-up there in the coming months, and he’s also got a James Beard Foundation event in San Francisco lined up for early March.


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