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Private Jet Company Offers $64,000 Culinary Package to Bay Area Super Bowl Fans

“Tailgating at 40,000 Feet” apparently involves Craftsman and Wolves

Monarch Air Group

Everyone knows that San Francisco is a city of contrasts, from its vast income divide to its football team that’s about 43 miles away from the actual city, to its frequent lip service around sustainability that isn’t borne out by day-to-day policies. It’s hard not to think about all of the city’s contradictions when one receives a press release — as Eater SF did Wednesday morning — about the many offerings from popular local restaurants that are available via a private jet to the Super Bowl.

“Story idea: culinary driven 49ers private jet packages for the Big Game?” reads the release from Monarch Air Group, a Ft. Lauderdale-based private jet charter company that claims via its website to count “the United Nations, the U.S. and Canadian defense departments, the World Food Programme, and various NGOs” as clients.

It’s also seeking Bay Area-based football fans, offering $64,000 round-trip packages from Oakland to Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport for up to eight passengers on Super Bowl Sunday. As these passengers enjoy their $8,000 ride — which the charter refers to as “Tailgating at 40,000 Feet” — Monarch suggests that they sample food offerings including “takeout sandwiches from b. on the go with bread from acclaimed pastry chef Belinda Leong” or “Craftsman and Wolves Chocolate Shoyu Caramels.” If those offerings seem a little too non-tailgatey (even at 40,000 feet), the charter says that it will happily secure “catering from your favorite sports bar.”

To be fair, it’s unlikely that B. Patisserie or Craftsman and Wolves have any idea that their offering are being presented as perks to potential jet-setters, so let’s not cock an eyebrow their way. But in the same week that many of San Francisco’s most prominent restaurants are touting a climate-changing surcharge, it seems off to hear their names bandied about within the context of one of the least sustainable ways to travel. Then again, maybe it’s hypocritical to ding “culinary driven private jet packages” for their environmental impact, when the carbon footprint of local food delivery services has yet to be publicly calculated.

Craftsman and Wolves

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