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Mission Beer Bar Monk’s Kettle Plots a Marin Expansion

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Also: A SF company wants to bring Little Caesars to the masses

Monk’s Kettle

Monk’s Kettle will open a second location in Marin

For over 12 years, Monk’s Kettle has been serving beer, burgers, and bar bites from its spot at the corner of 16th and Hoff Streets. According to a press release sent by the restaurant Tuesday morning, owners Christian Albertson and Nat Cutler have teamed with Jeff and Allison Jordan — the owners of Giordano Bros — to open a second Monk’s Kettle in San Rafael’s Terra Linda Shopping Center. The 4,000-square-foot space will boast 24 beer taps, a menu similar to the SF Monk’s Kettle, and a “a take-out station.” It’s expected to open in summer of 2020.

SF-based delivery company DoorDash will deliver Little Caesars pizza nationwide

Little Caesars, the pizza chain well-known for its rectangular pies and problematically-named “Crazy Bread,” has long disdained the app-based delivery model, instead relying on its pick-up-based business. Bloomberg reports that San Francisco-based DoorDash has now wooed Little Caesars to the tech side, as 90 percent of the company’s U.S. locations — Including SF’s sole location on Geneva Avenue — joined the app on Monday. Those who order Little Caesars via DoorDash should be advised that they’ll face a $2.99 delivery fee, a 10 percent service charge, and questions from others on why, with so many excellent pizza options available across the country, they picked Little Caesars instead.

Berkeleyside has an explainer/review of Eden Silk Road, a recently-opened Uighur and Chinese halal spot in Oakland

Eden Silk Road, a chain specializing in Xinjiang cuisine, opened a location in Oakland’s Chinatown last fall. Last month, it earned a spot on this publication’s “Best Dishes Eater Editors Ate This Week” list, and on Monday it got the Berkeleyside treatment, with contrib Momo Chang helping to explicate its “confusing” menu and pointing out some off-menu items not to miss. Be warned, Chang says, that the “pictures on the menu don’t always match the descriptions,” so diners should ask plenty of questions before ordering.

BottleRock’s music lineup has been released, but its food offerings remain under wraps

Music and food festival BottleRock Napa Valley has yet to announce the lineup for its culinary stage, but music fans now know who’ll be handling the music half of the event: On Monday it announced that its headliners include Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus, the Dave Matthews Band, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The three-day Napa fest runs from May 22 to 24, and typically attracts a roster of luminaries for its food program, with 2019’s stage featuring Padma Lakshmi, Andrew Zimmern, Masaharu Morimoto, and many others.

A Lazy Bear spinoff will open on McAllister Street

Hoodline reports that Lazy Bear chef/owner David Barzelay is teaming up with former Lazy Bear sous chef Matthew Kirk to make Kirk’s Automat pop-up a permanent thing at 1801 McAllister Street, the former location of Green Chile Kitchen. Green Chile Kitchen shuttered last fall, with owner Trevor Logan citing rising rents and margins eroded by delivery apps as the reason behind the closure. Vogue reports that Automat should open by winter of 2020, and will serve “a fusion-y New American menu, with dishes like dill pickle-spiced bagels and a hoy fried chicken sandwich with seaweed green goddess dressing.”

Lazy Bear

3416 19th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 874-9921

Eden Silk Road Kabob Noodle Dapanji

366 8th Street, , CA 94607 (510) 817-4884