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Keanu Reeves Enjoyed an Alameda Ice Cream Cone

Also: An infamous SF bar owner says he’s giving it all up to pursue a career in dance


Keanu Reeves dined at an Alameda Baskin-Robbins on Monday

SFist reported last month that the code name for the newest Matrix movie — some of which is currently in production in the Bay Area — is “Project Ice Cream,” a working title that its star appeared to take literally. On Monday Keanu Reeves was spotted at an Alameda Baskin-Robbins (based on photos, likely the one in the Bridgeside Shopping Center) going to town on “a double scoop ice cream cone,” KRON 4 reports. According to a Baskin-Robbins staffer who spoke with ABC 7, the star’s flavor of choice was Pralines ‘N Cream, which boasts the tagline “Taste some South in your mouth!”

Yet another fake meat startup has landed in the Bay Area

Berkeleyside notes that Prime Roots, a fake meat company that began at UC Berkeley’s Alternative Meat Lab in 2017, is opening a 12,000-square-foot facility in West Berkeley. The company, which was previously known as Terramino Foods, is backed by venture capital from True Ventures and Collaborative Fund, investors that have also thrown their weight behind Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Sweetgreen, Oakland Magazine reports. Unlike Beyond and Impossible, however, Prime Roots makes its faux meat using koji, a fungus that “naturally grow(s) in a fibrous texture that feels like meat when you chew it,” co-founder Joshua Nixon says.

Impossible Foods says that reports of a quashed McDonald’s deal are “complete bullshit”

It was widely reported Tuesday that Bay Area meat alternative company Impossible Foods had backed away from a planned partnership with McDonald’s, news that appeared to send stock prices for its top rival, Beyond Meats, up by 12.5 percent. Now Impossible CEO Pat Brown says that his company “would never blow off or disrespect a potential customer and any suggestion that we would do that is complete nonsense,” Business Insider reports. Impossible is still in talks with McDonald’s, Brown says, and claims to the contrary are “complete bullshit.” It remains unclear if the bullshit in question is the genuine article, or if (like his company’s products) it’s a startlingly realistic facsimile made from soy protein, methylcellulose, and sunflower oil.

The owner of Kozy Kar reportedly shuttered his Polk Street bar to pursue a career in “exotic dance”

According to a letter taped to the door of Polk Street’s Kozy Kar bar (that’s it, above), owner Sam Young “has walked away from the bar to become an exotic dancer.” Per the note, Young allegedly texted bar staffers with the message that he has “wanted to be a male dancer since I was in diapers. I’m 50 years old and think that the time is now.” How seriously one should take this claim is in doubt, especially since the bar has previously courted controversy with stunts like publishing the photos of a patron that gave it a poor review and characterizing a sign inside the bar that praises date rape as “a big joke.” Young’s also the owner of a second Kozy Kar in Santa Rosa and a Tenderloin bar called Young’s Kung Fu Action Theatre & Laundry. Word on how Young’s Magic Mike aspirations might impact those businesses was not available as of publication time.

Long-shuttered art student hangout Pete’s Cafe will be reborn in the Outer Sunset

According to a 2001 report from the SF Chronicle, Pete’s Cafe, which was located at the back of the San Francisco Art Institute, was known for “the scene, not the food,” as the chosen hangout for the school’s bohemian population. It closed about 12 years ago, but it’s back for one night only on January 11, recreated inside the Outer Sunset’s Great Highway Gallery as part of a show appropriately entitled “Pete’s Cafe: SFAI in the ’90s.” While the exhibition runs from January 10-February 16, the Chron reports that on Saturday night the show will spill from the gallery into its nextdoor neighbors, Andytown Coffee Roasters and Seven Stills and Hard Frescos, with Pete’s standards like mole and brown beans and rice served by John Lindsey, Pete’s former night manager.

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