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Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri Feeds Forces Fighting Glass Incident Fire

The Flavortown mayor has deep ties to the wildfire-vulnerable area

Beloved NorCal chef Guy Fieri fed some of the over 2,774 firefighters battling the Glass Incident Fire Saturday
Cal Fire/Twitter

As of Monday morning, the Glass Incident Fire had consumed 65,580 acres of Napa and Sonoma Counties, destroying 326 commercial buildings, including a slew of restaurants, wineries, lodges, and resorts. Things improved significantly over the weekend, as cooler temperatures and improving weather conditions allowed firefighters to contain the blaze by 30 percent — fortified, in part, by meals served to them by local chef Guy Fieri, of donkey sauce; Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; and 400-goat-ownership fame.

Fieri is also known for his charitable works, including pushing for financial support of restaurant workers during the pandemic to, with sadly-increasing frequency, feeding firefighters and those displaced in Northern California’s fires.

Fieri has two homes in areas not to far from the blaze: one in Windsor, just north of Santa Rosa, and a ranch somewhere in Napa where he’d vowed to wait out the COVID-19 crisis. But he left the ranch this past weekend, according to a tweet from Cal Fire, traveling to the firefighters’ base camp to feed some of the 2,774 firefighters (many vintners, themselves) battling the blaze.

The meals weren’t anything too fancy: we’re talking a green salad of lettuce and cucumbers, and a penne in red sauce. Simple filling fare.

Meanwhile, the battle against the blaze continues, as Cal Fire Battalion chief Sean Norman said in a Monday briefing that many of the thousands evacuated from the area would have to wait about 24 to 36 more hours before they can return. According to the SF Chronicle, more than 215 wineries in Napa County remain under evacuation orders or warnings Monday, with more reports of losses expected as vintners and restaurateurs return to the area after the danger has passed.