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Thanksgiving, 2020, is unlike any other. With travel advised against, large gatherings deemed risky by health experts, and restaurants closed for indoor dining, most of our long-held traditions are off the table, this year.

But that doesn’t mean that 2020’s celebration must be subdued, as the Bay Area’s restaurateurs — by now, seasoned experts on changing their plans on a dime — have hustled to come up with fantastic take-home menus, with options for solo celebrations, big households, and everything in between. And there’s way more than turkey and pumpkin pie to enjoy, as chefs are stretching themselves with unique cultural offerings, vegetarian dinners, and full boxes of ingredients paired with their favorite recipes for an at-home cooking experience.

This is our guide to how the region’s chefs are making sure that diners still have all sorts of ways to celebrate the holiday this year, and, who knows — maybe create new traditions that they’ll continue for years to come. After all, it’s been a rough year, but there’s still a lot to be thankful for.