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Introducing Ask Eater SF

Submit your burning questions here

Dumpling Time Patricia Chang

Welcome to Ask Eater, a new column from Eater SF in which the site’s editors and reporters answer specific and baffling restaurant requests from readers and friends. Why is Eater going to run an advice column? Because while our maps and neighborhood guides are always at your service, we often hear from diners who are looking for a very specific type of restaurant to meet a very specific demand; or have questions involving tipping, restaurant etiquette, or other concerns about dining out that they can’t ask anyone else.

Want to know where to take picky kids or demanding parents? Which restaurant won’t kick you out for being on the Whole30 diet? How to get that impossibly cool reservation, whether it’s rude to send back a cold steak, or if you seriously have to tip a terrible server? No question is too mundane or strange.

Mercifully, our editors and reporters have a deep knowledge of the city’s dining scene, and are fully prepared to answer anything you can throw at us. So please, hit up the request form, and we’ll feature one answer per week.