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Mystery Motorist Sports ‘SF CHEF’ Vanity License Plate

Pride in one’s profession is nice to see

Eve Batey

While stopped at Third Street at Cesar Chavez Street Wednesday evening, Eater SF spotted the car pictured above, bearing a license plate that reads “SF CHEF.” This prompted a lot of questions — for example, how long ago did the driver have to register to score a plate with that moniker? — but few answers were available, as the driver was out of reach before his or her face could be seen.

An Instagram post on the plate led only to speculation — and a puzzling comment from Hapa Ramen founder turned ChefsFeed staffer Richie Nakano that “this license plate used to be on a BMW I AM JUST SAYING.”

With vague information like this, it’s tempting to turn to one’s contacts in law enforcement, but favors from officials are finite and — not to dismiss the earth-shattering nature of this news item — might be wasted on this particular case. But one thing that can be confirmed is that this plate didn’t come cheap: According to the California DMV’s website, in addition to the standard fee one pays to register a car in the state, a “legacy” style personalized license plate like this one cost “SF CHEF” an extra $50.

Is advertising that one is an “SF CHEF” worth an extra Grant per year? To this driver, the answer is apparently a resounding “yes.”

Do you know who this SF Chef is? The tip line is always open at