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How to Stock Up on Essentials While Supporting SF Food Businesses

No offense to Whole Foods or Costco, but don’t we want our neighborhood businesses to stay open?  

Wise Sons Bagel Patricia Chang

Whole Foods is chaotic with panic buyers, and Costco is running out of toilet paper. But beyond the fray, San Francisco has so many small, cool, food businesses, tucked away in different neighborhoods — and don’t we want them to stay open? From third-wave coffee to freshly milled sourdough, grass-fed ground beef to hazy brews, there are hidden treasures to be found in every corner store. If you’re stocking up on the essentials during the time of coronavirus, and you want to support our city’s struggling businesses, it’s time to get serious about shopping micro local.

First of all, farmers’ markets are still open for business, filled with fresh produce to offer a break from non-perishable meals you’re probably sick of already. Then for pantry staples, consider beans from the coffee shop, bread from the bakery, or chops from the butcher. The way the big grocery stores are packed these days, it might be a smart strategy to dodge the crowds.

Don’t feel comfortable going out at all? Sign up for a community-supported agriculture (CSA) box to get produce directly from a small farm, and check out all the delivery options for local stores, because there are more than ever right now. This list is far from comprehensive, only hitting a few highlights in each category. See what’s in your neighborhood, and don’t forget — coffee beans, bread, and meat all freeze well.

Neighborhood Food Businesses That Are Still Open

Things are changing rapidly, but this list was correct as of March 20

Coffee Shops

Andytown Coffee Roasters is still open at the Roastery and Lawton locations in the Sunset, where shoppers can stock up on beans and bread.

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters has transitioned to to-go windows in Cow Hollow and Berkeley.

Ritual Coffee Roasters is still serving drinks and selling beans from the Valencia and Hayes Valley locations.

Bread Bakeries

Josey Baker Bread is still open in NoPa and selling freshly milled sourdough, and also coffee, milk, butter, eggs, and avocados, covering all avocado toast needs.

Jane The Bakery has grab-and-go bread, pastries, coffee, and even sandwiches and salads. They are still putting out challah on Fridays.

Fox and Lion is keeping the Bayview fueled with bread and coffee beans.

Wine Shops

K&L Wine Merchants has temporarily closed stores, but the website is fully stocked, and they’re doing local delivery.

Tofino Wines in Laurel Heights is open for retail and doing curbside delivery.

Biondivino Wine Boutique in Russian Hill is taking orders by phone, email, and website, and offering curbside pickup or same-day delivery.


Cellarmaker House of Pizza is still serving beer and pizza for takeaway in Bernal Heights.

Barebottle Brewing Company has all of those hazy brews to go from the taproom.

Standard Deviant Brewing says that the “coldest tasting beers in SF” are now available for pickup at the brewery in the Mission.

Butcher Shops

Canyon Market in Glen Park has local legend Oscar Yedra wielding a knife behind the meat counter, and as the village grocer, they are open as usual.

Baron’s Meats in Noe Valley is open for regular hours, and they want everyone to know, they’ve got chicken.

Olivier’s Butchery in Dogpatch is making fresh sausage, marinating steaks, and keeping the case stocked for shelter in place.

Fish Markets

Hook Fish Co in the Outer Sunset is open for normal hours, and stocked with cod and tuna in the case, as well as fish tacos available for online orders.


Molinari Delicatessen in North Beach has activated online ordering for sandwiches and take-and-bake options like it’s iconic homemade lasagna.

Lucca’s Delicatessen in the Marina offers groceries (and sandwiches) via curbside service, staggered walk-in service, and online.

Wise Sons Delicatessens Mission location has packages of deli goods for home re-stocking and scores of freezer-ready bagels.

Giovanni Italian Specialties, courtesy of pizza pro Tony Gemignani (as in Tony’s), is another North Beach gem, stocked with foccacia, pasta, ravioli, and Italian wine and espresso. He’s now rounding out the selection with steak, milk, and toilet paper.

Corner Stores

Courtney’s Produce has been serving up sandwiches, salads and juice in the same spot its occupied since 1971.

Douglas, a Noe Valley market and cafe, has natural wines, grab -and-go meals, and neighborhood delivery,

Queen’s Superette in the Inner Sunset is open Wednesdays-Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and carrys grab-and-go foods, pantry items, fresh produce, and wine.

Buffalo Whole Food & Grain in the Castro stocks organically-grown produce, fresh dairy and bakery goods, and a wide variety of sundries.

Luke’s Local in Cole Valley offers same-day delivery of its staples, grab-and-go meals, produce, and wine.

Restaurant Shops

Prairie has pivoted to open a “general store,” where shoppers can stock up on dinner kits, pasta, canned tomatoes, tinned fish, toilet paper, and Clorox wipes. Industry pros get 10 percent off, and you can call ahead and beep at the curb.

Che Fico Alimentari has always stocked good wine, cheese, pasta, and salumi. But with the crisis, the team has increased the offerings, including a family meal for two.

China Live Marketplace, on the ground floor of the multi-level restaurant, is usually stocked with rice, condiments, tea, and other pantry staples. Now, the restaurant is also offering 20 percent discount on pickup.