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The Golden West Will Close After a Decade of Meaty Sandwiches in the FiDi

It’s a fond farewell for dedicated fans of the braised short ribs, but chef Dennis Leary has two new projects in the works 

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Sad news for sandwich fans: The Golden West bakery and sandwich shop has announced plans to close, ending a glorious decade of meaty sandwiches. A takeout window tucked away in a back alley in the FiDi, Golden West has earned a small but dedicated following for its freshly baked bread, housemade mayo, and braised meats, particularly the short ribs and pulled pork. It’s not quite so well known as the Sentinel, its big sibling, but it does have a reputation.

A tipster spotted a sign above the window, and chef and owner Dennis Leary confirmed that the restaurant will be closing at the end of the month. He tells Eater that the lease is simply up, and he’s ready to let it go — which seems reasonable, given that he’s juggling half a dozen other establishments at the moment. Leary owns not just the Sentinel and Golden West, but also House of Shields, Natoma Cabana, and Cafe Terminus. For a former fine dining chef, he’s been very focused on sandwiches and bars.

Leary also has two new projects in the works: A Huevo is a new breakfast and lunch spot due to open in the next couple of weeks. It’s another grab-and-go counter, but this time, the entire menu will be dedicated to eggs. Leary also owns a farm up in the Capay Valley, and he’ll be featuring pastured eggs from his neighbors, with their fresh flavor and richly colored yolks. Additionally, he’s slated to open Henry Africa, a new bar and grill, sometime later this summer, taking over the space previously occupied by San Francisco institution Eddie Rickenbacker’s.

Stay tuned for more egg sandwich updates.