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Seven Amazing Details From Inside Guy Fieri’s Napa Valley Quarantine Ranch

The mayor of Flavortown claims a 400-goat constituency

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - February 25, 2020
NorCal restaurateur Guy Fieri socially distances from a microphone during a late-February interview
Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Though Guy Fieri is the new face of a relief fund for out-of-work restaurant employees, that face-timing has apparently been done from his Napa ranch, where he’s holed up with his wife, sons, and assorted animals. The flaxen-haired restauranteur, TV star, and philanthropist recently spoke with the Washington Post from inside his NorCal compound, revealing a vast collection of birds, his GoPro aspirations, and a rapidly graying mop. Join us on this seven point journey to Fieri’s farmland, where Flavortown is less a geographic destination than a state of mind.

7. Guy’s deck is plagued with peacocks. “We have to put up these motion-activated sprinklers to keep the peacocks from coming on our deck,” Fieri tells Post reporter Sonia Rao.

6. He’s been fundraising from afar. “As of Friday, the [National Restaurant Association relief] fund had reached $10 million. Fieri has a goal of 10 times that — because ‘you can’t go on a road trip and not have a destination’ — that he aims to achieve with corporate sponsors.”

5. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (which Fieri calls Triple D) will ride again. “Shoots in Hawaii and Texas were canceled, Fieri says, adding that ‘everyone’s kind of in limbo, and what I keep trying to remind them all is that this, too, shall pass.’”

4. And until then, the show will be made on five GoPros, with Guy’s 23-year-old son, Hunter, behind the camera. “You want to talk about a gigantic hot mess? That’s exactly what it’s going to be, but it’s going to be awesome, creative.”

3. Here are some things that Guy has cooked since he went into isolation:

  • “three kinds of meatballs — Italian, Mexican, and Asian”
  • ribs
  • clam chowder
  • noodles
  • pizza dough
  • “French onion soup chicken”

2. Breaking: Guy isn’t a natural blonde...and he doesn’t dye his own hair. “I might be like Joe Dirt by the time we do Triple D in two months. There’ll be a whole new look. I am recognizing just how much gray I’ve got. I won’t be having to [dye] it much longer.”

1. Does Guy really have 400 goats? Rao writes that the Fieri clan has “‘400 goats’ they have enlisted as a form of organic weed control.” No other details on the goats, arguably the second-most compelling character in this narrative, were provided.