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How to Celebrate Easter in San Francisco

Where to find the best takeout meals, big beautiful roasts, and cute chocolate bunnies

Carrot cookies from Noe Valley Bakery Noe Valley Bakery

Easter is this Sunday, and normally, we’d be recommending where to make a reservation for your brunch or dinner feast. But even though dining rooms are quiet, there are still restaurants offering festive options for takeout and delivery, from hollandaise-drenched brunch to exciting duck dinners. Or this could be an opportunity to cook up your own celebration at home, picking out a big beautiful roast and cute chocolate bunnies. Either way, here’s how to celebrate Easter in San Francisco, given the circumstances. Because no matter how dark these days might be, it’s still spring in Northern California, and we’ve got the sweetest asparagus of the year at the farmers’ market.

Easter Meals for Takeout and Delivery

Le Marais Bakery is covering all brunch and butter needs. The French bistro has croissants, croques, and don’t sleep in on that quiche.

Plow usually draws long lines for breakfast and brunch, so it’s kind of a rare treat to get their crispy potatoes dropped off. Eggs Benedict, smoked salmon toast, and buttermilk biscuits are all festive.

For those who crave classic roasted chicken, RT Rotisserie is still spinning birds at the NoPa location. The whole rotisserie chicken is a mere $10, round it out with salad and fries.

The Morris has already sold out of preorders for Sunday, but fans can still order the popular smoked duck for dinner the rest of the week, for an early celebration. And there’s always brisket.

Lord Stanley is offering a special supper with a wagyu rib chop, mashed potatoes, spring vegetables, and fancy herb butter.

Where to Find the Big Beautiful Roasts

Outside of salmon season, McFarland Springs trout is always a treat, normally on menus at Petit Crenn, Cala, and more. TwoXSea seafood company is now offering free shipping on orders over $50.

Even if you can’t get a smoked duck from the Morris, you can still order a duck directly from the farm. Liberty Ducks normally supplies directly to restaurants, including Mister Jiu’s and the Progress, but now, you can order a fat duck direct to your doorstep.

Journeyman Meat Co. has a reputation for the sweetest smoked ham, which can now be ordered online through Cream Co.

For a gorgeously marbled leg of lamb, Stemple Creek Ranch is taking online orders for their grass-fed, grass-finished meat.

Where to Find the Sweetest Carrot Cake

Devil’s Teeth Bakery is open for business at both locations in the Sunset and Richmond, and makes a mean carrot cake, any day of the year.

Black Jet Baking Co has closed up shop for most of the week, but they made an exception for Easter weekend, accepting orders for coconut cake, bunny cakes, and hot cross buns.

Noe Valley Bakery excels at mini cookies and cupcakes for their smallest customers. The Easter array includes carrot cakes, hot cross buns, little egg cakes, and carrot sugar cookies.

Where to Find the Cutest Chocolate Bunnies

In Noe Valley, Lehr’s German Specialties at 1581 Church Street is one of the city’s best spots to find holiday-specific gummies, chocolate, and marzipan from the Old Country. This year’s selection includes an adorable set of candies that depict a rabbit driving a VW bug. Call 415-282-6803 to confirm hours of operation.

Chocolate Covered candy shop has long been an SF destination for some of the most unusual specialty chocolates around, as well as craft chocolates from small-batch makers across the U.S. It’s a tiny space so shopping is by appointment only, and can be arranged by emailing or calling 415-641-8123.

Miette patisserie and confiserie always rocks pastel pink, and covers both cake and candy cravings. The sweet pastry shop is offering chocolate bunnies, candy quail eggs, and marzipan carrots.