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Bakers Against Racism Is Selling Like Hotcakes in the Bay Area

Zuni Cafe, La Cocina, CUESA, and lots of local bakeries are selling sweet treats for a good cause

Cupcakes from A Girl Named Pinky A Girl Named Pinky

Bakers are fed up and firing up the ovens. Bakers Against Racism is a worldwide virtual bake sale, with proceeds going to organizations fighting systemic racism and injustice. It was kicked off by a couple of pastry chefs in Washington D.C., Paola Valez of Kith/Kin and Willa Pelena, as Eater DC reported. But now, Bakers Against Racism is sweeping cities across the country and world, having mobilized more than 2,400 cooks worldwide. Anyone can participate, from professional pastry chefs to regular home cooks. The site is simply tracking donations to measure impact, while the hashtag #bakersagainstracism is blowing up on Instagram.

Here in the Bay Area, lots of local bakeries have joined in, and their boxes of anti-racist baked treats are already selling out like hotcakes. The event is running from June 15 to 20, so it kicked off on Monday and rolls through Saturday. Here are a few of the bigger groups that are rolling up their sleeves, putting out beautiful baked goods, and donating proceeds to their favorite organizations. Please note, this list is far from comprehensive, and while these bakeries are selling out fast, others are jumping in with fresh options. So check your favorite bakery’s social media feeds for the latest. Because whether you’re craving cake, pie, or cookies, there’s a bakery that’s going to be making something sweet and paying it forward this week.

Zuni Cafe for Glide SF and the East Oakland Collective

Zuni pulled together the pastry stars of San Francisco, including the honey cake from 20th Century Cafe and contributions from Dandelion Chocolate, Jane the Bakery, Kantine, and more. Fans may be devastated but not surprised that they’ve already completely sold out, successfully raising $25,000.

A Girl Named Pinky and La Cocina for The Hidden Genius Project and Black Organizing Project

A Girl Named Pinky and La Cocina has a big box option, which focuses entirely on black-owned bakeries, such as a jumbo butter cookie from A Girl Named Pinky, curry chicken patties from Peaches Patties, and sour cream poundcake from Minnie Bell’s. Order online.

East Bay Bakers for Anti-Police Terror Project and Black Organizing Project

A crew of 20 pastry chefs in the East Bay have teamed up together, to put out a breakfast pastry box, afternoon tea box, chocolate babka, Blenheim apricot tart, buttermilk biscuits, and more. Options are selling out fast, but a few still available. Catch the crumbs while you can. Order online.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market for Black Earth Farms

Even if you miss all the presales, the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market is your backup plan. A group of home bakers has banded together to support their favorite black-owned farming collective. Just step right up this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.