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Jason ‘Khal Drogo’ Momoa Conquered Some Oakland Tacos

The star of the new ‘Dune’ movie rode his motorcycle across the Bay Bridge for a meal at Tacos Oscar

Tacos Oscar’s delicata squash quesadilla, which, sorry Dothraki folks, does not contain horsemeat.
Patricia Chang

Actor Jason Momoa rolled into the Bay Area this past weekend, riding his motorcycle across the Bay Bridge to a cult-favorite Oakland taco shop known for its shipping container aesthetic and inventive take on Mexican classics.

Momoa, who is most readily associated with his 2011 role as eyeliner aficionado Khal Drogo, a Dothraki warlord and admitted sexual assailant from the television series Game of Thrones who died in the show’s first season but, for whatever reason, is still part of today’s pop-culture conversation. (He’s also the title character in Aquaman and will soon portray Duncan Idaho in the hotly-anticipated new version of sci-fi epic Dune, who everyone knows is the real hero of the yarn.)

Like so many of us, Momoa’s likely between gigs right now, as many Hollywood productions remain on hold due to the pandemic. Perhaps that’s why he had the time to ride his motorcycle around the Bay Area these last few days, documenting his travels via his Instagram stories and stopping at Tacos Oscar for a bite, the restaurant said via social media.

According to the pop-up turned Temescal outdoor dining destination, Oakland motorcycle expert Max Schaaf was hanging out with Momoa at his 4Q Conditioning Garage when the urge for tacos struck, and the pair headed to Tacos Oscar’s expansive outdoor space. It appears the star was a model customer, as Tacos Oscar says Momoa was a “a sweet human” during his visit, which necessitated a special shopping trip from a staffer. Insert your “for the Dothraki, horsemeat is a delicacy” jokes here.

Tacos Oscar

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