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Sorry, Dungeness Crab Season Is Still on Hold in the Bay Area

Plus there’s a reservation-only tarot-themed bar open now on the Peninsula, and more intel

Dungeness crab at Scoma’s Scoma’s
Lauren Saria is the editor of Eater SF and has been writing about food, drinks, and restaurants for more than a decade.

It’s official: Dungeness crab is off the table for Thanksgiving in the Bay Area this year, unless you’re willing to go and catch it yourself. The commercial season typically kicks off in mid-November but has been postponed due to the risk of whales getting caught in crab pot lines. And while some far-north counties will be able to start their commercial crabbing season on December 1, California Fish and Wildlife on Friday said there are still just too many whales in Bay Area waters — which means commercial crabbing remains on hold from Sonoma County south to Lopez Point in Monterey until further notice, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

If you’re looking for a little silver lining, officials say they’re going to re-evaluate the risks again on or before December 15, which means there’s still the possibility to crab for Christmas. And in case you’ve forgotten, whenever the season does finally start, this year will be the first when people can buy crab fresh off the boat at Fisherman’s Wharf. But of course, there’s always the option to grab a rod and reel and hit the beach to catch your own. Just don’t forget to check out this handy Dungeness crabbing guide. [San Jose Mercury News]

There’s a new tarot card-inspired bar on the Peninsula

The San Francisco Chronicle has a first look inside Wunderbar, a new reservation-only bar (the Chronicle is calling it a “speakeasy”) with a menu that’s printed on tarot-inspired cards. Each one has a classic cocktail on one side and a creative riff on the other. [SF Chronicle]

Tis the season for Christmas cocktail bar pop-ups

Miracle, the popular-Christmas pop-up bar, is kicking off this week — and in addition to taking over San Francisco’s Pacific Cocktail Haven, there will also be locations in Oakland, San Jose, and Petaluma this year. The Chronicle says Miracle at PCH will open this Friday, November 26 with opening dates planned for today, November 22 at the Double Standard in Oakland and Brewsters Beer Garden in Petaluma and November 24 at Paper Plane in San Jose. [SF Chronicle]

This 75-year-old seaside restaurant just sold for $8 million

Known for its sweeping views of the Big Sur coast, Rocky Point restaurant has closed for good after 75 years in business, per SFGate. Last week the property sold for $8 million to a real estate company who plans to open a new restaurant in the space. [SFGate]