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San Francisco-Bay Area Restaurant Headline Predictions for 2022

If it’s not peanut butter and jelly, we don’t want it

A deconstructed peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Shutterstock

Welcome to Year in Eater 2021, Eater’s annual tradition of celebrating the past 12 months with help from some of the Bay Area’s top food writers. Between now and end of the year, Eater SF will post daily questions about the Bay Area restaurant scene with answers from those who know it best.

“These Bay Area Chefs are Getting Creative with PB&J sandwiches.” Just kidding. Kinda.

— Omar Mamoon, writer, Esquire

“New PR Firm Founded to Handle Restaurant Industry ‘Getting Canceled’ Crises”

“Restaurant Vets Launch New Staff Sharing Agency”

“Five Nights of Service: The New Normal”

“This Week in Supply Chain Snags…”

— Marcia Gagliardi, founder/editor of

A medium-rare steak cut into slices Shutterstock

“Can a steakhouse go green? (Insert restaurant) is trying.”

“When it rains, it spores: why the mushroom renaissance keeps growing”

“These restaurants required proof of vaccination last year. What were the consequences?” (For cities without mandates such as San Francisco’s)

— Benjy Egel, food and drink reporter, The Sacramento Bee

Two women share tea Shutterstock

“Inside the Bay Area’s New All-Robot Restaurant”

“Afternoon Tea Is the New Happy Hour. Here’s Why”

“10 Best Designed QR Code Menus Across the Bay Area”

— Lauren Saria, editor, Eater SF

A neon sculpture by artist Laura Stevenson Patricia Chang

I predict we’ll be seeing more and more natural wine. And the region’s bars and restaurants seem to be on a big purple lighting kick. — Esther Mobley, senior wine critic, San Francisco Chronicle

I want to see more headlines that highlight creative bars and restaurant concepts in the works for 2022. After nearly two years of the pandemic, the food industry has really shown its resilience and I have no doubt that we’ll see more businesses pop up next year. — Susana Guerrero, reporter, SFGATE

I’m sorry, but as someone who covered a full lockdown to a full reopening, every tier change, and two different variants this past year, this question makes me slightly queasy. I have to respectfully decline to answer. I no longer make predictions. — Becky Duffett, deputy editor, Eater SF