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French Laundry Alums Enlist Snoop Dogg for a Tutorial in Rolling (Pasta)

Snoop is ready to school everyone on wild mushroom fettuccine Alfredo

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Wild Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo
Truffle Shuffle

This Sunday, February 28, you can learn how to roll from the master himself. Snoop Dogg will be joining a live Wild Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo Cooking Class ($99) from Oakland-based Truffle Shuffle at 5 p.m. And yes, there will be gin and juice.

Founded by a group of French Laundry alums, Oakland-based Truffle Shuffle has offered weekly live cooking classes for nearly a year, starting when the pandemic halted their original business model of selling truffle products to restaurants. From truffle mac and cheese to truffle lobster rolls, the classes took off; the company has grown so much that they’ve hired 25 new employees (mostly furloughed restaurant workers), recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, and moved into a new headquarters in Oakland.

Their success has helped them acquire some new investors, one of whom used his connection to Snoop to enlist the star.

“After we heard he was interested, we wanted to see where we could best get him involved in the class. When we do the classes, we like to keep them interactive,” says Tyler Vorce, Truffle Shuffle co-founder and COO. Past Truffle Shuffle celebrity guests include rapper E-40 and NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott (for this year’s Super Bowl class).

The ingredients participants will receive for Sunday’s pasta-making class.
Truffle Shuffle

“For the fettuccine class, we’re going to be showing everyone how to make pasta by hand. We know that Snoop is very accomplished in the rolling world, so we asked if he wanted to be a judge in the pasta rolling competition we will be having.”

In addition to all pasta ingredients (students have the option of adding fresh truffles for an extra cost), the cooking class kit will come with a “Salty Dogg” mixer for Snoop’s signature gin and juice. Participants can use whatever they have at home, but the Truffle Shuffle hosts will be mixing in Snoop’s Indoggo Gin, which launched last year.

While he won’t be on for the entire class, Snoop will pop in virtually when it’s time for the pasta rolling competition. Zoomers who have their cameras turned on will get the chance to demonstrate their rolling skills and Snoop will ultimately choose a winner, a lucky recipient of serious bragging rights and a pound of fresh truffles.

“We like to really present those techniques that someone would have if they were going out to a fine dining restaurant,” says Vorce. “We show the techniques to recreate those dishes at home, but we also like to keep it really fun, to create a high-energy, interactive atmosphere.”

There’s no cap to how many people can register for the class (Truffle Shuffle has had up to 10,000 people before), but all kits must be purchased by Thursday morning to ensure on-time delivery.