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An Aussie Chicken Shop is Spinning Into Noe Valley

Village Rotisserie will serve up Sydney-style chicken and fresh sides 

Le Zinc Angela L./Yelp

There’s a new rotisserie chicken joint setting up shop in Noe Valley, promising a fresh spin on Australian-inspired chickens and fresh sides. Locals spotted a change of ownership sign in the long vacant and former Le Zinc space at 4063 24th Street, as first reported by Noe Valley SF. Eater SF can confirm that this new restaurant will be a fast-casual counter called Village Rotisserie, slated to open for takeout and outdoor dining in May.

The new owners are Priscilla Dosiou and Thomas Glenwright, a sister-and-brother team who are also partners in Hotel San Francisco, and backed by additional investors in Australia. They grew up in Sydney, but now both live in the neighborhood. “Growing up, there was a chicken rotisserie in every neighborhood. It’s sort of old school, and a mainstay in Australia,” says Dosiou. “ … from the moment he got here, my brother never stopped talking about how much he missed those chicken shops.”

Despite some comments from an investor, Dosiou says that she is familiar with the other rotisserie chicken options across the city, which include Limon, Souvla, and RT Rotisserie. But as a mom of three boys who’s lived in Noe Valley for more than decade, she says that Village Rotisserie hopes to satisfy a particular craving in this neighborhood, and put a fresh spin on it. “It’s hard to articulate the Australian flavor, but there’s a freshness to it. You walk in, and you know you’re going to have a healthy, filling, scrumptious meal with delectable chicken.” The menu is still under development, but expect chickens sold whole or by the half or quarter, as well as sides, salads, and sandwiches.

It’s going to be a big update for this space, which has been vacant for more than a year. Le Zinc shuttered in 2016, and Chez Marius took over and then closed in 2020, and those were dark and intimate bistros filled with mahogany. Dosiou is planning to brighten and refresh the space, removing the front awning to pull in more light, and putting in warm terracotta tiles and pots and washing it over with natural blue paint. And the restaurant does come complete with a lovely back patio with fig and lemon trees, perfect for outdoor dining.

Village Rotisserie hopes to start spinning chickens in May, starting with takeout and outdoor dining, and partnering with a few delivery apps. Stay tuned for juicy updates.