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Northern California’s wine country is an iconic destination for food and wine, drawing travelers from around the globe to sip bold cabs and indulge in star dining. In and around Napa and Sonoma, there are hundreds of wineries pouring award-winning cabernet, chardonnay, and many different grapes these days, and a growing natural wine movement. And there are star restaurants to match, as the area has become known for luxurious fine dining. But let’s not forget, wine country is also rolling farmland, so whether you prefer the high road or the low road, there’s an adventure for every palate, with casual roadside stops and picnic supplies, and plenty of good tacos and barbecue.

Throughout the week, Eater SF will be rolling out maps and guides to the finest food and wine that these valleys have to offer. So eat a good breakfast, put on some sunscreen, and pile in the car. There’s a lot to eat and drink in this rich part of the world, but Eater SF is your essential roadmap.