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Gwyneth Paltrow Probably Didn’t Write This Guide to What’s Cool and New in SF

Plus, a new owner grabbed the keys to the Riddler, and more intel

San Francisco’s Transamerica Pyramid Sells For $650 Million

Welcome to p.m. Intel, your bite-sized roundup of Bay Area food and restaurant news. Tips are always welcome, drop them here.

  • An opportunity to dunk upon Gwyneth Paltrow and her vagina-egg-shilling website Goop hath arisen in San Francisco, way outside of her natural environs of Los Angeles. SFGate noticed that someone at Goop who is presumably not the golden-haired one herself (she’s no stranger to SF, and has eaten well here in the past) wrote a travel guide to “What’s New and Great in San Francisco,” filled with some admittedly great things, a few new things, and some hilariously weird things, indeed. As SFGate notes, the mention of SF as the “Golden City” really kicks things off, followed by references to Oakland as an SF neighborhood, and recommendations for hotels hours away from the city. We all know how fun it is to ridicule misguided guides to the city, but categorizing Izakaya Rintaro as “catering” is very special. (Its description reads: “For a less typical catered meal in the Bay Area, we recommend Rintaro, which serves excellent Japanese-style food at private parties. They also have a restaurant in the Mission, which is worth checking out, too.”) Rude. [SFGate]
  • There’s finally news on what will take over the former location of the Riddler, the female-owned and operated wine bar that closed during the pandemic. Tablehopper reports that it will open as Linden & Laguna, a wine bar from a wine guy named Chris Nickolopoulos. He’s the CEO of a boutique wine import, production, and distribution company called Maritime Wine Trading Collective. No word on when it’ll open, or much else yet. [Tablehopper]
  • SF’s very popular dumpling-consumption destination, Dumpling Time, will open an East Bay location in Berkeley’s Fourth Street District, Berkeleyside has discovered. It’ll snuggle in right next to the Amazon store, CB2, and all of Fourth Street’s other delights, including Market Hall, Tacubaya, and more. In addition to indoor dining for slurping enormous XLBs, owner Kash Feng says a large outdoor seating area is on the way, too. [Berkeleyside]
  • Whoever is running an imposter In-N-Out food truck in Washington, DC better run and hide, because the West Coast–based chain does not play around when it comes to its carefully guarded brand. Some enterprising burger people have been serving a menu of double-doubles to homesick West Coasters living in the bleak, animal-style-free Southeast, apparently without the burger chain’s knowledge or consent. The chain has said that it will always stay on the Best Coast in the past, so sad residents of DC will still have to come out to this side of the country for their secret menu fix. [SFGate]

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