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These Bay Area Bars and Restaurants Require Proof of Vaccination

A curated list of restaurants and bars allowing vaccinated guests only in the San Francisco Bay Area

A cocktail at Zuni Café Zuni Cafe

UPDATE: San Francisco officially mandated proof of vaccination for indoor dining, starting on August 20. All restaurants and bars will be required to check proof of vaccination from that date forward. As a result, Eater SF will no longer be updating this list. Click through to check out the dining details.

In case anyone needs a reminder, the pandemic isn’t over. With the delta variant spreading and case numbers on the rise throughout the Bay Area, it’s still as important as ever that individuals follow the most recent safety guidelines, which, as of June 16, include that everyone should mask up indoors regardless of vaccination status.

But some San Francisco restaurant and bar owners are moving beyond masks, requiring anyone who wants to dine or drink inside to prove they’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine. The San Francisco Bar Owner Alliance officially endorsed the idea on July 26 and both Mayor London Breed and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association voiced support. Of course, it remains to be seen if this will become a norm for restaurants and bars in the Bay Area, or more of an exception. But either way, there will almost certainly be situations in the not-so-distant future when you’ll want to be able to prove you’ve gotten your shot if you have.

In some cases that means you’ll need to present a physical copy of your vaccination card — though many business owners will also accept a clear photo or the QR code or digital copy you may be able to get from the state. Checking the business’s social media and website is always a good idea to get the most up-to-date information on the current safety protocols.

San Francisco

MARKET — Roast chicken icon Zuni Cafe will require proof of vaccination starting August 4, as shared in an Instagram post. Diners under the age of 12 will be allowed inside, even though ineligible for the vaccine, and unvaccinated diners are still welcome at the sidewalk tables.

HAYES VALLEY — Smuggler’s Cove, the tiki den that looks like the belly of a pirate ship, is asking for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within the past 72 hours before jumping on board, according to the SF Chronicle.

CASTRO — Hi Tops sports bar wants to see proof of vaccination or negative COVID test before swinging through for fried chicken sandwiches and pitchers of beer, as reported by SF Fun Cheap.

MISSION — Modern Irish bar Casements says given “this covid shite hasn’t fecked off yet,” they’ll need to see proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to get inside, as posted on Instagram. All others can still sip gin and eat fish and chips in the parklet.

MISSION — Monk’s Kettle is back pouring Trappist beers on August 6 after a month-long reno, and is requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining, although the parklet is open to all.

MISSION — ABV cocktail bar says “vaccinated guests only” both inside and outside, as declared on Instagram, so be prepared to show proof for those excellent cocktails and burgers.

MISSION — Zeitgeist is requiring proof of vaccination and only seating outdoors in the beer garden, as seen on Instagram, and mentioned first by Fun Cheap SF. In the words of one ’grammer, “As long as the music is metal and loud.”

MISSION — Asiento tapas bar is requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining, and everyone else is welcome in the parklet, according to the SF Chronicle.

BERNAL HEIGHTS — Square pizza and hazy IPA tastemaker Cellarmaker is requiring vaccination proof or a negative test, as spotted by Fun Cheap SF. That applies to both the brewery in SoMa and the pizza house in Bernal.

BERNAL HEIGHTS — Outer Orbit, the fun pinball bar with Hawaiian-inspired snacks, started checking for proof of vaccination on July 29, as reported by Fun Cheap SF. “As much as we don’t want to feel like Robocop,” the bar quips on Instagram.

SOMA — One of SF’s hottest new cocktail spots, Kona’s Street Market requires proof of vaccination — either a physical card or “a clear visible photo or a screen shot,” to all guests who want to sit or stand indoors, the bar announced on Instagram.

FISHERMAN’S WHARF — If you want to belly up to the bar at iconic SF bar and restaurant Buena Vista Cafe you’ll need to show proof of vaccination; those without it can still enjoy their Irish coffee on the parklet outside, according to the Mercury News.

CHINATOWN — If you hope to venture into Cold Drinks Bar, the top-notch cocktail spot semi-hidden on the second floor of China Live, then you’ll need to present show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test from the last 72 hours show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test from the last 72 hours, per the bar’s website.

TENDERLOIN — The new iteration of this jazz club and restaurant doesn’t open until Aug. 4 and when it does Black Cat Jazz Club needs to see proof of vaccination for “anyone attending a concert, dining, or entering for drinks,” according to a press release.

PORK GULCH — Vermouth-focused Spanish restaurant and bar El Lopo needs to see a vaccine card or an official digital record from all indoor diners, the Chron reports.

UPPER HAIGHT — Persian-themed Haight Street classic Zam Zam requires proof of vaccination for all guests indoors, the Chron reported first. The bar will accept “actual cards, picture of vax card, or digital record,” according to Instagram. MISSION — The SF Chronicle reports that the Mission’s Spanish tapas spot and bar Asiento requires proof of vaccination for indoor customers, while those without it can be seated outside.

MISSION — There’s a lot to love about divvy drink spot Bender’s Bar and Grill in the Mission and if you want to step inside you’ll need proof of vaccination. The Chronicle reports unvaccinated patrons should wear a mask while ordering and sit outside.

SOMA — Before you find your way into the Pawn Shop, the tapas bar that’s hidden behind the facade of a resale shop, you’ll need to present proof of vaccination, per the Chron.

LOWER NOB HILL — Standing with the Bar Owner Alliance, Peacekeeper and its sun-soaked space complete with a fireplace and plethora of plants will only be open to those with proof of vaccination, the Chron spotted.

NOB HILL — As announced on Instagram, handsome neighborhood watering hole Harper & Rye requires proof of vaccination to enter, the Chron reported first.

EXCELSIOR — Guests without or unable to show proof of vaccination are welcome on Gentilly’s heated outdoor space. But indoor seating at the French Quarter-themed restaurant and bar, according to Instagram, is open only to those who can.

HAYES VALLEY — Seafood classic Hayes Street Grill reopens on July 30, and the staff is fully vaccinated, and only fully vaccinated guests will be seated inside, the restaurant shared on Instagram.

EMBARCADERO — Gozu, that dramatic wagyu steak restaurant, is requiring proof of vaccination, the SF Chronicle spotted first. The restaurant put a note on Tock, reminding diners to be prepared to show proof.

CASTRO — Santeria Mexican restaurant on Market is reminding diners to wear masks, and asking them to show proof of vaccination before removing masks. “No vaccine = mask on”, the restaurant shared on social media.

POLK GULCH — Vegan Picnic, the plant-based deli on Polk, is only allowing vaccinated adults to step inside for sandwiches, according to the SF Chronicle. “No vaxx — no service,” the deli announced on Instagram on July 26. But if you are vaxxed, you get a gluten-free brownie and a gold star.

NORTH BEACH — The weird and wonderful Vesuvio Cafe was one of the first SF bars to start asking for vaccination cards on July 20, SFGate reported first. SFGate says the bar will accept either cards or QR codes.

LOWER HAIGHT — The Page neighborhood bar announced via Instagram on July 25 that customers who want to come indoors need to be fully vaccinated. They’ll accept vax cards, photos of vax cards, or digital records.

UPPER HAIGHT — Favorite Haight cocktail spot the Alembic has been asking for proof of vaccination since mid June, according to the SF Chronicle. “Proof of vaccination required for indoor service,” the bar says, although the parklet is open to all.

SOMA — Oasis drag cabaret and nightclub announced it would be checking proof of vaccination starting July 21, SFist spotted first.

MISSION and POLK GULCH — Teeth and Soda Popinski’s are both owned by Ben Bleiman, president of the SF Bar Owner Alliance, and following the group’s official recommendation, will be requiring proof of vaccination starting July 29, as shared on Instagram.

MISSION BAY — Seven Stills will be requiring vaccination proof before seating anyone inside the massive new headquarters and other locations, the big brewery and distillery announced on social media on July 23.

MISSION — The Mission dive with the strongest margaritas in all the land is also serious about vaccines. Latin American Club and the Make-Out Room started asking for vaccine cards at the door on June 15, the SF Chronicle spotted first.

East Bay

OAKLAND — Indoor diners and those on the back patio at Friends and Family, the Oakland bar launched by an all-female team in 2019, will need to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test from within the last 72 hours, the business announced on Instagram.

OAKLAND — Jen Cremer and Richard Clark’s Cal-Italian restaurant Sister requires proof of vaccination, Berkeleyside reported first.

OAKLAND — If you want to indulge in cocktails and soft shell crab tacos at Low Bar, you’ll need proof of vaccination (digital, hardcopy, or a photo) or a negative COVID test from the past 72 hours for indoor dining, per a post on Instagram.

OAKLAND — Temescal beer bar and brewery Rose’s Taproom announced its policy requiring proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within 72 hrs for indoor dining on August 1 via Instagram.

OAKLAND — Casual, family-friend spot the Golden Squirrel Club in the Rockridge neighborhood announced its indoor dining room is open only to those with proof of vaccination on Instagram.

BERKELEY — Fun Cheap SF spotted that Tupper & Reed, the bi-level cocktail bar with historic vibes, now requires all customers to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test from within the past 72 hours to enter. Both photos and physical cards are accepted, per the bar’s Instagram.

OAKLAND — Popular LGBTQ venue The Port Bar requires proof of vaccination at the door, as well as masking when not eating or drinking, Berkeleyside reported first.

OAKLAND — Indoor diners at critically acclaimed noodle destination Ramen Shop in Oakland will need proof of vaccination, per Berkeleyside.

ALBANY — Beloved East Bay dive bar Hotsy Totsy Club will need to see either proof of vaccination or “72 hour or less negative COVID test to enter” starting on Aug. 1, according to Facebook.

OAKLAND — Both Palmetto and Kon-Tiki currently require guests to show proof of vaccination in order to remove their masks inside. But starting August 2, guests will need to show either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within the last 72 hours if they want to enter at all, Berkeleyside reported first.

OAKLAND — Snail Bar, the cool new Temescal wine bar and restaurant, requires guests bring either their COVID-19 vaccination card, a clear photo of it, or a digital vaccination receipt before entering or sitting down, the SF Chronicle reported first.

OAKLAND — If you want to sit indoors at Uptown Oakland’s woman- and queer-owned bar Friends and Family, then you’ll need to bring proof of vaccination, the Chron reported first. Unvaccinated guests may sit outside.

OAKLAND — The Chron reported first that only those who can prove they’ve been vaccinated will be allowed inside natural wine destination the Punchdown to drink, dine, and shop, though orders for unvaccinated wine lovers can be placed online.

OAKLAND — Self-described “garbage bar” Eli’s Mile High Club has been welcoming vaccinated guests only since June 17, per a post on the business’ Instagram. SFGate reports the bar isn’t accepting photos of vaccine cards so you’ll need to bring the real thing.

North Bay

SAN RAFAEL — You’ll need to show either your physical vaccination card or the digital version before you can belly up to the mahogany bar at Marin’s cocktail and beer destination California Gold, Fun Cheap SF reported first.

SEBASTOPOL — Fern Bar, the airy and plant-filled bar located inside Sebastopol’s outdoor marketplace the Barlow, requires anyone seated inside to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test from the past 48 hours, Fun Cheap SF spotted. A physical card, digital copy, or photo all work, the bar posted on Instagram.

NAPA — Starting July 26, Michelin-starred French dining destination La Toque has a new policy: “No vaccine, no dinner,” chef Ken Frank shared in an email. Unvaccinated would-be diners are welcome to reschedule or will have their deposits refunded.


REDWOOD CITY — Just-opened Indonesian restaurant Warung Siska serves sticky rice and fried noodles and is “checking the vaccination status of all dine-in guests over the age of 12” for indoor dining, the restaurant posted on Instagram.

SAN MATEO — Legendary (and Michelin-starred) sushi spot Sushi Yoshizuma requires diners to show proof of vaccination from at least two weeks prior before enjoying the restaurant’s Edomae-style omakase dining, the Chron reported first.


SACRAMENTO — Classic Sacramento blues club and bar Torch Club requires all guests to prove they’ve been vaccinated, FOX40 reports, by presenting either their vaccination card, a photo of it, or a digital vaccine receipt.

South Bay

SAN JOSE — Per the business website, bring a clear photo on your phone or a physical vaccination card if you want to take a seat on a crimson stool at Haberdasher, the Chron reported first.

SAN JOSE — Bring your vaccination card or a digital copy to enter 7 Stars Bar & Grill, the Star Wars-themed restaurant and bar near downtown San Jose, the Mercury News reported first.