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Here’s Why a Glen Park Grocery Store Is Attracting Tons of Rats and Birds

Plus a massive, boozy fundraiser returns to San Francisco and more food news

A sign hanging from a shop.
The owner of Glen Park’s Canyon Market claims nearly $100,000 worth of damages are due to a birdseed fanatic in the neighborhood.
Canyon Market
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

Canyon Market in Glen Park closed temporarily at the end of September due to a rat infestation. Owner Janet Tarlov let her customers know the shop attracts a huge amount of birds and rats, due to a local who dumps birdseed in the neighborhood — Tarlov says she typically cleans up 15 to 30 pounds of birdseed at a time. “And I had to do this multiple times a day,” Tarlov told ABC 7 News. Tarlov spoke with the woman the neighborhood has dubbed “Birdseed Lady” when she caught her in the act, but the animal feeder allegedly spit on Tarlov in response. Animal-related damages to the store are now close to $100,000, Tarlov says.

Though feeding birds and animals is against a San Francisco ordinance, the woman seems to be continuing on her quest. ABC reports the most recent dumping was October 11. The San Francisco Department of Health released a statement reading, “The person has been and is currently connected to health services. We continue to offer support and engage the person on additional health services.” Another business owner who spoke to the woman says she simply gave her reason for feeding the birds as, “I love these animals,” Tarlov says. Local resident Bonnee Waldstein told the outlet, “We understand this is a vulnerable person, with possible mental health issues. It’s so difficult to deal with.”

South San Francisco's iconic chocolate company heads to Sacramento

See’s Candies, one of the Bay Area’s most famous contributors to chocolate in the United States, is opening a new headquarters and shop in a former credit union branch in Sacramento. The San Francisco Business Times reports the company bought the location at 5499 Sunrise Boulevard for about $2 million in May.

New York-style bagels come to Livermore

As of October 15, Bubbs’ Bagels & Coffee are the new residents at 1606 Holmes Street in Livermore. The Mercury News reports the initial menu will feature 14 bagels and 10 schmears, with coffee roasted by Santa Cruz’s Cat and Cloud.

East Bay chocolatier pops up in Berkeley bakery

Kimberly Yang’s Formosa Chocolates is one of a new class of Bay Area chocolate makers creating confections inspired by their identities and taking nontraditional paths into the industry. On October 15 Yang will head to Third Culture Bakery’s showroom at 2701 8th Street to sell her chocolates.

Major fundraiser returns to the Mission District

Pig and Punch, a food- and drink-decked party to raise funds for the Bon Vivants Scholarship, returns for the first time since 2016 on Sunday, October 30. The party is put on by the cocktail wizards at Trick Dog, retail software company Toast, and restaurant booking software company Resy. Food this year comes from chefs at Osito, Che Fico, Quik Dog, Jo’s Modern Thai, Chezchez, and more.

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