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Disgruntled Politician Wants to Defund Monterey Bay Aquarium Over Anti-Lobster Stance

Maine Rep. Jared Golden wants to defund the Monterey Bay Aquarium for telling people not to eat lobster

U.S.-MAINE-LOBSTER INDUSTRY-CHINESE MARKET Photo by Wang Ying/Xinhua via Getty Images
Dianne de Guzman is a deputy editor at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, upcoming openings, and pop-ups.

Following the news that the Monterey Bay Aquarium and its conservation arm Seafood Watch recommended consumers avoid lobster for sustainability reasons, a Maine politician is proposing a dramatic solution: Democratic Rep. Jared Golden is filing a proposal to withhold federal funding from the destination aquarium, the Associated Press reports.

This is all part of a political dustup between Golden and former Rep. Bruce Poliquin, two of the candidates looking to represent Maine’s 2nd Congressional District — which is apparently chockfull of lobster fisherman voters. Poliquin previously called out Golden for taking a $667 donation from Julie Packard, the executive director of Monterey Bay Aquarium — described as the “multimillionaire heiress director of anti-lobster group Seafood Watch,” by a spokesperson from Poliquin’s campaign — and somehow that’s snowballed into Golden wanting to pull $190 million in funding from the aquarium. Funnily, the aquarium told AP that the money cited by Golden does not even go toward Seafood Watch, and instead funds the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Say goodbye to Mikkeller Bar

The clock seemed to start ticking for San Francisco’s Mikkeller Bar once the Copenhagen brewer announced the closure of its only U.S.-based brewery back in late August. Although the brewery then said the San Francisco outpost would remain open — along with a tasting room in San Diego — the announcement was made Wednesday that the bar is now closed permanently after nine years, the San Francisco Examiner reports. The news comes alongside another press release from the brewery announcing the end of its Mikkeller Reconciliation Program, its formal plan to “make amends” following stories of bullying and harassment at the company that were publicly outed over a year ago. Workplace consultancy firm Hand & Heart was hired to look into the claims and released its findings Tuesday, Good Beer Hunting reports.

Delfina in the Mission District returns

Delfina has long been a mainstay of the Mission District after 24 years in the neighborhood, and after a lengthy renovation is set to return this month, Hoodline reports. The renovations combined Delfina and Pizzeria Delfina into one space with a new, full bar.

Another bar closed during the pandemic comes back for another round

Hotel San Francisco — the ones with the “wildly fun glam rock interior” — welcomes back customers starting Tuesday, October 4 after closing during the pandemic. If the Instagram post announcing the comeback is any indicator, the neon lights are ready and waiting for more social media moments.