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Ring the Muffuletta Alarm: Sandy’s Stacked Sandwiches Are Landing on Haight

The Sandy’s team has taken the lease for the former Panini Cafe space near Haight-Ashbury

Dianne de Guzman is a deputy editor at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, upcoming openings, and pop-ups.

After months of pop-ups following a departure from its yearlong residency inside Maison Corbeaux in July, the Sandy’s team announced the opening of a new shop in the Haight. The business and its popular muffulettas are landing in the former sandwich shop space at 1457 Haight Street, next to Pork Store Cafe.

In the announcement, partners Peterson Harter and Moni Frailing acknowledged some of the limitations of the small space — they won’t be able to sell gumbo or red beans and rice and won’t be pouring beer or wine — but mostly they’re just excited to get their New Orleans muffulettas back out there, especially in the neighborhood where Harter and also live — and where they once operated their other pop-up, Bread Spread Pickle. While it wasn’t necessarily Harter and Frailing’s vision to set up shop three minutes away from their apartment, it does feel good, Harter says. “I saw the space pop up and I looked at it, and I just knew,” he says. “We’ve always been community-focused and I think that if I can work where I live, I can become a part of the community even more, and I really like that.”

The menu won’t vastly expand, but there will be a few additions. The muffulettas, both the meatier option and the vegetarian version, will be at the center; but Harter’s also planning to bring back the andouille melt and the pickled egg salad sandwich, with the eggs also available separately from the sandwich, as a side item. He’s also hoping to add on a turkey or vegetarian sandwich and perhaps a seasonal salad. On the topic of sides, Harter promises bags of Zapp’s at the shop and the popular brown butter chocolate chip cookie, as well as a few more desserts.

Before they get to the opening, they’ll make some quick updates to the 600-square-foot space. It won’t be a full renovation, but instead, Harter says they’ll be updating practical things like the electrical and plumbing to get the space to code with the city. There will be enough space for a few tables inside, and if things are busy enough, Harter says he’ll consider adding on an outdoor parklet. For those who can’t make it to the shop, they’re also planning for delivery options via third-party apps.

Harter and Frailing are looking to open near the start of 2023. Until then Harter says they’re open to the idea of continuing with some catering gigs, such as hosted shrimp boils, and pop-ups until the shop opens. But they want to stay focused on the shop first and foremost. “I think this is exciting,” Harter says. “I think the Haight reminds me a little bit of New Orleans and its funkiness and, honestly, that is one of the things that I actually really appreciate — it is a little weird and I like that because that’s what New Orleans is.”

Sandy’s is set to open in 2023 at 1457 Haight Street, San Francisco.