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This East Bay Coffee Company Just Entered Its Union Phase

Plus, Zuni Cafe is temporarily closing and more food news

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Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

A new coffee company union effort just launched not far from California’s state capital. No, it’s not more Starbucks locations demanding better working conditions. This time it’s the East Bay’s own Peet’s that’s looking to get a union started. According to More Perfect Union, workers from two Davis stores will submit their cards to the NLRB on November 28, signaling a formal intent to unionize.

The stores have near-unanimous support from staff and have been organizing for about five months, according to Alyx Land, a leader at the North Davis location. The worker says one of his main reasons for getting involved was receiving a 50-cent raise at his last performance review which, given inflation, means his promotion sees him making less money than last year. In addition to Starbucks, Peet’s joins a slew of coffee companies beginning to unionize in the last few years; in 2021 Chicago’s Colectivo Coffee became the largest coffee workers’ union in the country.

Where your favorite chef gets a bite to eat

Where do the minds behind Square Pie Guys and Delfina unwind with a comforting meal? According to SFGATE, local cooks and restaurateurs frequent favorites including Beit Rima, Molinari’s Delicatessen, and Yank Sing. Dumplings make up a generous amount of everyone’s go-to meals.

Zuni Cafe will temporarily close due to COVID cases

Even this iconic San Francisco restaurant, known for its legendary roast chicken, is dealing with an uptick in COVID cases. On Instagram the restaurant let fans know it will be closed from November 30 to December 4 to let staff get healthy again. Zuni Cafe should reopen on Wednesday, December 7.

The family at Liberty Farms wrote a cookbook

The Reichardt family, whose ducks are featured in high-end restaurants including the French Laundry, just released a new cookbook last month. According to Sonoma Magazine, the book, titled The Whole Duck, is written by founder Jim Reichardt’s daughter Jennifer Reichardt and includes more than 50 recipes from the family and professional chefs.

This Dogpatch brewery is finally open

Olfactory Brewing Co., a new dog-friendly business at 2245 3rd Street, held its grand opening Friday, November 25 in the former Triple Voodoo Brewery space. According to a post on Instagram, the team — who have already collaborated with Barebottle Brewing Co. and Temescal Brewing — is ready to get the show on the road with its seven debut beers on tap.

Yank Sing

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Temescal Brewing

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