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Chase Center Is Now Home to One of The NBA’s First Fully Plant-Based Restaurants

Here’s what’s on the menu at the Green House at the Golden State Warrior’s Chase Center

Spicy potato tacos from The Green House The Green House | Chase Center
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood will welcome another new business today, this time a vegan restaurant with cross-cultural influences inside Chase Center, the 18,064-seat sports and entertainment arena that’s home to the Golden State Warriors. The Green House, located at Portal 56 on the arena’s upper concourse, is one of the first plant-based-only restaurants in the NBA, according to Chase Center representatives.

The business opens for service Tuesday, March 8 in anticipation of the Warriors facing off against the Los Angeles Clippers, and will serve a variety of plant-based offerings along with a rotating selection of salads. Future Farm, a Brazilian company launched in 2019, is providing meatless proteins to Green House and is the first Latin American food company specializing in plant-based, animal-free “meat.”

The front of The Green House’s kiosk in Chase Center.
The Green House claims to be one of the first plant-based restaurant in the NBA.
The Green House | Chase Center

Vice President of Event Experiences Phillip Hastings says Green House is ideal for Bay Area sports fans because locals are often deeply interested in new dining trends and sustainable approaches to eating. “This is a direct correlation as you can get sustainable items and, at times, items that are better for you,” Hastings says. “We’ve had plant-based before in the building, but this finally gives fans a destination.” Chef Robbie Lewis has had an extensive dining career in the Bay, cooking for San Francisco’s now-defunct Stars and Jardiniere; at Green House, the portobello bahn mi ($13.50) is his nod to the thriving Vietnamese food scene in the 415 area.

Clare Perez, marketing director for Future Farm, says this is the first – and for now, only – Bay Area location to purchase its company’s alt-meat blend of chickpea, pea, and soy protein. Brazilian soy farming can often contribute to deforestation in its own right, Perez says, so the company instead grows non-GMO and sustainably sourced soy.

Whatever the company is doing, it’s working. The Future Farm Smash Burger, which costs $13, tastes just like a McDonald’s burger — in a good way. The meatball sub sports Future Farms plant-based meat beneath cheeseless cheese and will be available at 8 City Bistro locations on the main and upper concourse. The Spicy Potato tacos, which cost $12, have an earthy spice blend that complements the potatoes and pepita seeds well. The beer may still be $16.50, and the coconut water is $8, but the Green House tightly curated vegan menu makes it worth adding to the Chase Center dining crawl list.

The Green House’s meatball sub sporting Future Farm’s meatless meat. The Green House | Chase Center