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There’s A Neverland-Themed Pop-Up Bar Touching Down in SoMa This Spring

Tickets cost $45 a person and include two cocktails

A room decorated with pirate flags, skeletons, and ropes. Photos courtesy Hidden Media Network

It’s not uncommon to hear a single person dating in San Francisco remark that the city is full of “chill” and “playful” Peter Pans who eschew commitment and refuse to grow up. Well, starting April 18, there will be a great place for all of them to meet for a drink: a Neverland-themed pop-up bar located inside Trademark Sports Bar in SoMa.

The pop-up, which will run until August, is organized by Hidden Media Network, an Australian production company specializing in creating whimsically themed immersive events with a food and drink focus in cities all over the world. For $45 a ticket, attendees can expect a welcome drink, two cocktails, and a theatrical experience — think costumed Captain Hook and Tinkerbell lurking in the shadows, as well as an in-house Peter Pan in attendance.

A pirate-themed nook with red curtains and gold coins.

Over-the-top decor, reminiscent of the pre-pandemic trend of Instagrammable, child-like museums, is a key feature, with a secret Lost Boys cove and plenty of pirate paraphernalia to transport visitors into the fairytale. “We went with a Peter Pan theme as it means to never grow up, and as this is a bar, we want to attract this exact atmosphere,” says Hidden spokesperson Shelley Allen. “We like to follow a theme of having different parts of the room and different rooms are different scenes of the movie.” Previous Neverland pop-ups included a London bedroom and a room designed with Captain Hook in mind.

The location, Allen says, was chosen according to the design team’s needs, and the cocktails — riding the green coattails of the pop-up’s previous run in Pittsburgh and St. Louis — will be similar to the event’s previous iterations; options include a butterfly pea tea daiquiri, a rum old fashioned and a mai tai. Local twists on the drink menu are promised, but haven’t yet been solidified.

A tropical bar with plans and purple-blue lighting.
A room decorated with pirate flags and ropes.

Neverland pop-up at Trademark Sports Bar (1123 Folsom Street) opens April 18. Reservations available here.