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Apparently, It’s Literally Raining Anchovies in San Francisco

Plus an entire San Mateo block — along with this Chinese restaurant — are set for demolition and more food news

Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

There’s no easy way to say this: It’s not cats and dogs raining in San Francisco, but anchovies. And no, that’s not a dad joke or cliche for heaps of rain. Fish are literally hailing from the sky, at least according to SFGATE, due to a massive increase in the anchovy population off the coast of the lower, south Bay Area. Jim Ervin of the San Jose’s Environmental Science Department recorded the May to June jump in population, which he called “the second-highest monthly total we have ever seen.” When local sea-faring avians, like pelicans and seagulls, run into such a gold mine of edible fish, they can gorge themselves so mightily the excess food falls out of their mouths, SFGATE reports.

It’s a surreal experience. SFGATE points to locals who took to Reddit to share stories of the silvery fish landing on porches as far inland as Mill Valley, the Presidio, and above Sutro Park (which, in San Francisco, isn’t particularly inland or anything, but still.) Larry Collins, president of the San Francisco Community Fishing Association, told SFGATE local birds are absolutely stuffed. “I heard stories just last week from guys who said that the water out there was just covered with thousands of birds, and the birds were just sitting on the water with anchovies in their mouths because they can’t eat anymore,” he says.

Chinese restaurant’s final days clocked by demolition approval

Wing Fat Chinese Restaurant in San Mateo is facing a difficult survival scenario. The San Mateo Daily Journal reports the 64-year-old restaurant is on a block the San Mateo City Council just approved for a six-story mixed-unit residential building. The team at SFGATE inquired about the restaurant, and a representative from the development, named Block 21, told the outlet the demolition will “hopefully” happen this summer.

Classic Oakland hot dog stand to dish relish once again

Original Kasper’s, the 1929-born Chicago-style hot dog shop, has been closed since 2003. But now Emil Peinert, credited as the driver of bringing Oakland’s Kingfish Pub and Cafe back to life in 2009, is here to revive the hot dog destination. Berkeleyside reports the reopening is set for the fall.

Popular Sacramento chef slated to head new outpost in Elk Grove

The Wilton Rancheria tribe’s resort, the Sky River Casino, is announcing an impressive 12 food and drink options. And according to the Sacramento Bee, one will be helemed by Billy Ngo. The chef and restaurateur is known for running Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine, Fish Face Poke Bar, and Kodaiko Ramen and Bar. The projected business at the casino will be called FUKURO by KRU at The Market, and is set to open this fall.

Healdsburg brewery announces opening

Though the date is yet to be set, Fogbelt Brewing took to Instagram on June 29 to share a sneak peek of its upcoming Sonoma County outpost. The Fogbelt Station, so named since the new location is next door to the town’s historic train station, is the second for the brewery. The company comes out of Santa Rosa originally.


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