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A New Members-Only Club Will Serve Antiaging Treatments and Crudo Inside the Transamerica Pyramid

Plus, the pancake parties have come to an end and more Bay Area food news

The Transamerica Pyramid.
Core, a members-only private social club, will open in the Transamerica Pyramid next year.
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Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

The initiation fees at Core, an over-the-top members-only social club already doling out massages and crudo in Milan and New York, can be as high as $100,000. The San Francisco Business Times broke news of the club’s arrival in the Transamerica Pyramid back in 2021, but the San Francisco Chronicle reports new details of the fantastical perks including “crudo and fresh pasta,” access to “extensive wine library,” and “‘a culinary lab’ where famous chefs will cook for members.” The absurd niceties of the club will be offered as the building undergoes a $250 million renovation, and as restaurants throughout the Bay Area stagger to their feet from the impacts of COVID-19.

Core CEO Jennie Enterprise says the club will help bring about a “new renaissance of San Francisco” through its members, “men and women who generate and search for original perspectives and intellectual challenges.” It’s an invite-only club, of course, with between $15,000 and $100,000 in initial fees plus annual dues of $15,000 per individual or $18,000 for a couple. Culinary director Michele Brogioni, who cooked for Giorgio Armani and at the Kremlin, hopes members will eat at the club daily. That said, EyeSpy, a restaurant consulting company, finds private club members don’t eat at their clubs alone — they spread the love to nearby restaurants, too, which could be good news for downtown San Francisco.

Incoming North Beach restaurant offers membership perks

Cassava, the Richmond District restaurant with a big time Japanese breakfast, is moving to North Beach, and it’s bringing a new idea to the neighborhood. SFGATE reports a membership plan is in the works with benefits such as an $80 credit toward your next meal and reservation privileges. The membership costs $72 a month.

Oakland ice cream shop got demolished for an ATM loot of $500

Oakland Dimond District Italian ice and ice cream shop Flavor Brigade suffered its most recent (of three) break-in last week when thieves rammed a car into the business, destroying $100,000 worth of property as they did. CBS5 reports owners Braedon Galloway and Justin Mruskovic aren’t confident about what the future looks like at this point.

Job growth in the Bay Area in part due to hospitality

Amid a hiring freeze in the tech sector and an unhealthy economy, the Mercury News finds California and the Bay are giving a bit of life to the generally depressing employment data. Not by much, mind you — unemployment in California improved to 4.2 percent in June compared to 4.3 percent in May. However, that’s the lowest unemployment rate since February 2020, and hotels, restaurants and drinking establishments accounted for 8,800 jobs added in June in the Bay Area, a full 59 percent of the 14,800 jobs gained in the region.

Pancake parties are so over

Curtis Kimball, who rightfully gained everyone’s attention for ameliorating San Francisco’s “effed up vibes” earlier this year, is leaving the Bay Area. He hosted one last party outside his home in the Mission this weekend. ABC7 reports Kimball is looking to offload a griddle before he makes his exodus to the East Coast with his family.


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