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Why This Sacramento Starbucks Closed as a ‘Problematic Location’

Plus, Schlock’s is indeed now delivering and more food news

Starbucks and Jamba Juice in Sacramento
There’s a new vacancy in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood.
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Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

The staff at Sacramento’s Land Park Starbucks were told their shop was “going dark” on August 25 and just one day later, the store permanently closed and the staff offered roles at other Sacramento locations. The Sacramento Bee reports the 1429 Broadway location was deemed a “problematic location” by the company and quickly shuttered, just one of 20 locations anywhere, and the first in Northern California, to ever opt for such an extreme out.

Company spokesman Sam Jefferies told the Bee the shop is in a shopping outlet that requires “numerous calls for police” — records show 40 incidents between October 20, 2020 and July 25, 2022 for reasons including aggravated assault, shoplifting, battery, and vandalism. One community group, the Land Park Community Association, blames an “open air drug market” nearby for the problems. However, a Starbucks barista at the location who chose to remain anonymous (the multinational is not keen on employees talking to the media) alleges the closure was due to an increasing homeless population and that they had not witnessed or heard of any recent incidents. “The idea was to close the store before an incident happened,” the barista told the Bee. A Jamba Juice next to that Starbucks location also closed last month.

Iron Chef opening a ramen shop in San Jose

Early Iron Chef legend Masaharu Morimoto is coming to Santana Row. First reported by The Mercury News last year, Hoodline writes Morimoto’s ramen chain Momosan will open on September 3 in the former Pasta Pomodoro location.

Yes, you can now get Shlock’s bagels delivered

The outrageously beloved bagel shop on Fell Street took to Instagram to announce a few changes. Customers can now get their orders through the variety of delivery apps available, “but we greatly appreciate those of you who order directly through our website/Toast or in-person at our shop,” the caption reads. The announcement comes as the young business shares the difficulties of getting their shop off the ground. “If you thought that ticket printer scene in The Bear was stressful, welcome to every day at Schlok’s!”

Michelin-starred Union Square Thai restaurant set to reopen

Everyone can let out a sigh of relief: Kin Khao, from James Beard award-nominated chef and owner Pim Techamuanvivit, will reopen after two-and-a-half years on September 14. The San Francisco Chronicle reports reservations open on Thursday and fans can expect much the same menu and drinks.

San Jose In-N-Out releases plans for a veritable burgerplex

Ever wondered if a drive thru line could accommodate 29 cars at a time? If combining a bulldozed Vitamin Shoppe and a defunct Arby’s could finally make room for all the Animal Style fries the Bay Area deserves? The Mercury News reports In-N-Out is floating plans to build a 3,860-square-foot super store at 3150 and 3158 Stevens Creek Boulevard near Santana Row and the Westfield Valley Fair Mall.

Kin Khao

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