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How to Get Restaurant Recommendations and Dining Advice From the Eater SF Team

Reintroducing: Ask Eater SF

Mortadella sandwich Albert Law

Dedicated readers might remember when — way back in those halcyon days before anyone had ever heard of a thing called COVID-19 — we introduced you to our new column Ask Eater. But, of course, we’ve all lived an entire lifetime since the early days of 2020, so here we are, back again, to reintroduce you to our (admittedly) intermittent advice column.

Eater SF editors, reporters, and writers do their best to point you toward the best places for pizza, burgers, and ramen in San Francisco and to shine a light on the hottest new restaurants, underrated neighborhood gems, and worthwhile dining classics. Sometimes we hit the road, exploring the Bay Area and northern California region to bring you stories about legendary roadside pie shops and the coolest wine caves in Napa Valley.

But we often get emails looking for more specific suggestions or answers to dining industry and etiquette conundrums: What restaurants can accommodate large groups with various dietary restrictions? Is it cool to bring my dog to brunch? Do bartenders actually hate it when you order a mojito? How in the hell do I get a reservation at insert-name-of-super-trendy-restaurant-here?

Good news: You can submit your burning questions and solicit recommendations for your next night out via this form or by emailing We’ll put our heads together to come up with an answer — or turn to an industry expert to get one for you. Our goal is to serve hot and fresh answers every week, and for a sampling of the kinds of queries we’re hungry to tackle, check out the Ask Eater archives and links below.