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Why This Inner Richmond Ice Cream Legend Could Be Forced to Move

Plus an update on one person’s ADA lawsuit frenzy sweeping California and more food news

Joe’s Ice Cream
Joe’s Ice Cream
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

Even a San Francisco legacy business can be at jeopardy of being priced out, and the business owners might not even know it. Such was the case for Sean and Alice Kim, owners of the 63-year-old Richmond District favorite, Joe’s Ice Cream. KQED reports Sean Kim happened to be on-site when a building surveyor came by in August, and Kim learned from him that the building was not only up for sale, but that a buyer was lined up.

Now, the Kims are working with the San Francisco Office of Small Business to either attempt to buy the building themselves or navigate a not-too-costly move. The proposed buyers, represented by architecture firm Kerman Morris Architects, hope to develop housing on-site. Being potentially priced out by landlords or would-be developers is not a new story; Club Deluxe navigated a similar scenario recently. But the Kims feel that there are other nearby buildings without successful businesses in them that could work just as well. “We need more housing. But why this building, which already has two good businesses operating well?” Sean Kim asks.

New California law expands which glassware can fetch 10 cents

On September 27, Governor Newsom signed SB 1013 to include a variety of liquor and wine bottles in the program that returns a dime to either citizens or the city upon recycling. The Mercury News reports environmental groups have pursued this change since the 1980s, and included a list of recycling centers.

Mexico City-based restaurant group to open in Roseville

In November, restaurant group Grupo Carolo will debut its restaurant La Popular stateside for the first time. Executive chef Cesar de la Parra Coghlan helms the menu, complete with more than 80 varieties of tequila and mezcal. Beginning with this NorCal debut, the group will add locations in Austin, Texas, then Porter Ranch, California, in 2023.

Attorneys allege “monumental fraud” in a series of ADA restaurant and winery lawsuits

Florida’s Andres Gomez has gained a reputation in California for filing suits against hundreds of restaurants for websites that fail to meet accessibility standards (think text size issues). Now, the San Francisco Chronicle reports a new video commissioned by one of the myriad defense attorneys shows Gomez appearing to read his phone with no impediment and navigating a typical sidewalk without vision assistance, despite his cases relying on his purported inability to read even 3,200 percent enlarged text on a screen. Gomez’s attorney calls the video a “smear job.”

The Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews festival hits Alameda

On October 1, Alameda Point will be alight with music, food, and both hooting and hollering thanks to the Corks, Forks, Rhythm & Brews festival. The wine and beer-soaked party, hosting more than 20 food outlets, raises money for the Alameda Boys and Girls Club. Tickets are available now.