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Food Emporium China Live Could Be at Risk of Eviction Due to a Dispute Over $4.2M in Back Rent

Plus, Delirama loses a ton of pastrami due to a multi-day power outage and more Bay Area food intel

Patricia Chang

China Live is in the midst of a landlord dispute that could force the multi-restaurant space to be evicted, San Francisco Business Times reports. A lawsuit filed in January by the building owner, an affiliate of Cypress Properties, claims China Live owes more than $4.2 million in unpaid rent stemming from 2017 to the end of 2022. China Live previously sued the building owner in 2021 for breach of contract, including “overcharging for maintenance, billing the tenant for more square footage than is actually usable, and interfering with the restaurant’s operations and ongoing future business discussions,” the Times states. That case is still pending and seeks $25 million in damages.

Part of this stems from the fact that the building owner is three months behind on a $21 million loan taken out when refinancing the building back in 2018. The owner previously defaulted on the loan in May 2020 but worked out a repayment plan, only to default on, it again. Attorneys for the landlord told the Business Times the building owner “has not ruled out” an eviction if a deal can’t be found.

Storms derail Delirama’s pastrami ... for now

Last Tuesday’s storms knocked out the power for a number of Bay Area residents and restaurants, but a multi-day outage wiped out all of Delirama’s inventory, including its number one product: 2,000 pounds of brisket. The San Francisco Chronicle reports this is a month’s worth of brisket, which owner Cash Caris estimates is worth about $100,000 in revenue. Included in the loss is potential damage to the new walk-in, which was still not working as of Friday, when the power finally came back on after four days. The brisket takes about 21 days to brine, plus smoking and steaming time, so the restaurant will not be serving pastrami for some time and started a GoFundMe to help with finances. For now, the restaurant shared on Instagram that it will be making sandwiches and burgers starting Thursday, March 30.

Introducing, Miyoko Schinner, lifestyle YouTube vlogger

Following news that Miyoko Schinner was ousted from her namesake company Miyoko’s Creamery — and the subsequent lawsuit filed against the founder by the company — comes news of a surprising pivot. The San Francisco Business Times has the scoop that Schinner is launching a video series titled The Vegan Good Life with Miyoko, set to launch in April on her YouTube channel. It’ll be centered on vegan recipes.

Fans of tofu should really check out this block party

Tofu-centric deli Joodooboo is planning a block party, teaming up with local restaurant Daytrip for an event hosted at Oakland bar Friends and Family on Sunday, April 9. Tickets cost $65 each for two different events that day: a kid-friendly daytime party featuring bites by Joodooboo and Daytrip, and 21+ event with a DJ and welcome cocktail from Mommenpop. RSVPs can be made online.

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